Cheam Peak

Cheam Peak is either the most hiked trail around Chilliwack or second only to the Elk Mountain trail.
The difference being Elk Mountain trail can be accessed with any vehicle but to get to the Cheam Peak trail parking lot the vehicle needs to be high or a four wheel drive.
To get there turn left at the Vedder Bridge on the way to Cultus Lake from Sardis.
This puts you on Chilliwack River Road and eventually turn left off it just after the Ford Mountain Correctional Institute onto Foley Creek FSR and left again onto Chipmunk Creek FSR and stay right on it where it meets the Bench Road and continue up the Chipmunk Creek Valley to the Cheam Peak Trail parking lot.

A rare view of an empty parking lot and Cheam Peak in the distance.

The distination is the very top in the picture.

Beside Spoon Lake looking back at a very logged off Chipmunk Creek Valley.

These are pictures from a very long time ago and it was very dry.

This same view now is grown up a lot since this old picture.

This spot usually has some snow or is very green now days but again is very dry in this picture.

Virtually a snow free Lady Peak behind Dave.

At least the Fraser Valley looks green.

Dave approaching the summit.

Cheam Peak summit straight ahead.

Pictures from the summit.

Dave posing for summit shots.

The next year we went back again but this time in the Spring instead of late Summer like the trip before.
This time Ron and my yougest son, Nick, joined us. This trip was much greener.
These pictures are from the summit going down.

Myself, Nick and Dave and Ron in the other two pictures.

Leaving the peak and taking a picture of Jones Lake heading back.

Having fun on the snow pack.

Heading down to the next basin.

One last pose and dualing Hill-Billies.

No stopping now and heading directly back to the parking lot.

Those were old trips and there were many back then but these next pictures are more up to date with resent times.

This trip was with Troy and I was so impressed of taking 4X4 pictures that I got him to come back and go through again so I could get pictures coming from the other way also.

Grizzly Bear or brown coloured Black Bear, you tell me?

Where we are going showing cloud covered Cheam and Lady Peaks and looking back from where we came.

Then we came across this stuck in the snow.
The owner was a house framer and he had his helper with him.
They drove up the night before and got the 4X4 truck high centered in the packed snow.
They did not even have a jack and the truck was completely loaded up with boxes of nails and screws and all kinds of air guns and extension cords which we unloaded to make the truck lighter.
The owner, (Boss), just drank him self into a drunken stuper and passed out.
His helper was there stranded and they were just waiting for some one to come by and pull them out but no one had any chains and Troy just had a small hydrulic jack that goes under the frame.
We packed many rocks and chunks of wood and branches and slowly got him backed out.
After many hours and the day totally wasted and our plans ruined we finally got him out well he slept passed out in the passemger seat and his worker did the driving.
Then after we got the truck out the jerk miraculously woke up and was able to drive and never even offered us anything for helping, not even a beer and he had lots left.
We were there all the next day and no one came up that way so they would have been stranded another night.
I will never help any one like that again and if some one is stranded I will make darn sure they do the lion share of the work to get out or I will leave them there.
When Troy and I went back there to hike up Archibald much of the stuff we packed to get the guy out was still on the road.

Our plan was to climb Lady Peak and spend the night up there and take in the sunset and sunrise and do Cheam the next day but because the day was wasted we decided to camp in an upper basin on the way to Cheam Peak and just do Cheam Peak because Troy had never been up there before.

View of Lady Peak from the parking lot which was supposed to be part of our original plan.

Camping in the basin.

Found a Geo Cache in the trees by where we camped.

On the way to the summit.

Panorama of the mountains looking south and south west.

A bit of a rest and enjoy the scenery.

Still a long way to go and where we came from.

The peak is in sight now and at the summit.

Views from the peak.

Fraser River and Harrison Lake in the distance.

Looking toward Vancouver.

Looking down at Highway #1.

Troy and myself posing on the subpeak.

Hardy wildflowers on the summit growing in mostly rock.

Troy is enthralled by the rock shelter.
If we knew this was there we could have spent the night on this summit without packing all the gear up.

Another look back at the peak and looking at the way down.

Picture of Jones Lake well heading back.

We decided to take the shortcut down, what a fun butt ride.

We did the same through the wild flowers under Lady Peak and we were down in no time.

Some mushrooms I found around Cheam.

These are some kind of burial polls to help the dead get their spirit faster to the heavens.

Some last pictures before the parking lot.