Cheam Ridge

Cheam Ridge is the ridge that shares the same adjoining ridge with Mount Archibald and runs south west from Cheam Peak.
Very few people take this route and very few people know of it. When the Cheam Peak Trail is loaded with hikers which it frequently is this ridge route back to the parking is totally isolated of hikers.
I have never gone up it and the start from the peak is hard to determine where it begins and you have to start out in the right direction or your attempts will end in deadends.

View of part of the ridge above.

From the top you go down the left ridge.

I was shown this trail by Dave and in the circle in the picture below is a clump of rocks he said the locals call the haystack.
The haystack is the key to getting on the correct route which becomes the ridge trail.
From the top you have to go left around that clump of boulders to be on track.

Pano of the route the ridge trail takes

On Cheam Peak looking west toward Vancouver and part of the ridge we will be hiking down toward Mount Archibald is left in this picture..

Fraser River right below and Aggassiz left across the river.
The higher mountain behind Agassiz is Mount Agassiz with Cemetery Hill and Hopyard Hill up near it's peak.
Right of Mount Agassiz behind the low long treed area is Harrison Hot Springs and Harrison Lake.
Right of Harrison Hot Springs and Lake is Bear Mountain.
Behind and right of Bear Mountain right side of the picture is Slollicum Peak.

Lady Peak is closest right front center in the picture below.
Left and flat looking peak is Knight Peak.
Going left there is the highest point and that is the top of Welch Peak.
Stewart Peak is next highest point left of the other peaks and the tiny peak behind it's right shoulder is not tiny at all and is Foley Peak in the far distance.

Jones Lake or also called Wahleach Lake with Four Brothers Peak on it's left and the Mount Bar range center on the horizon in the picture.

The hilly mountainous ridge in the fore front of the picture below consists of two names.
The hump closer right is called Four Brothers Mounrtain.
The middle hump has no name and the farthest left hump is called Mount Ludwig.
The three lakes left front of Four Brothers have no names as far as I know.

The very low mountain beside the Fraser River right in the picture below is Mount Hicks.
The small blue lake nestled between Mount Hicks, Bear Mountain and Slollicum Peak is Hicks Lake.

This picture below is left of the picture above and shows Harrison Lake and the white snow capped mountain in the distance is Mount Breakenridge behind Long Island.

The picture below is also left of the picture above and shows Harrison Hot Springs at the beginning of Harrison Lake.
Mount Agassiz is left of Harrison and the small hill on the left side of the lake is Chehalis Peak and behind it the much higher rounded mountain is Mount Klaudt.
Going directly left of Mount Klaudt is Mount Keenan and nestled between them behind in the saddle is Hemlock Valley Ski Resort.

The picture below again is also left of the picture above and shows the left or west side of Mount Agassiz.
This is another long hilly ridge that hosts two mountain names on each end and on this end of the ridge it is called Mount Woodside.
Behind it is numerous mountain and peaks showing such as Sasin Peak, part of Deroche Mountain, Pretty Peak, Margaret Peak, Mount Wardrop, and many more.
The highest two mountains on the horizon is Mount Robie Reid left and to it's right the twin peaks of Mount Judge Howay.

Another picture below continuing left of the picture above showing Kilby and Harrison Mills where the Harrison River flows into the Fraser River.
This is a picture of the Harrison River Delta with the long huge ridge of Deroche Mountain mostly behind with Sasin Peak on it's right and Nicomen Mountain on it's far left.

A view of Highway #1 passing Chilliwack dog-legging to the small Chilliwack Mountain by the Fraser River then butting up to the base of Sumas Mountain turning westerly on it's way to Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey and crosses the Fraser again to Coquitlam, New Westminister, Burnaby and the Greater Vancouver Area.

This picture shows Sardis and Yarrow in the distance with Cultus Lake nestled between Vedder Mountain and International Ridge.

This is a panorama of all the above scenery pictures that are in order.

Closest on left is Mount Mercer and way over to the right on the same ridge the first small bump is Mount Thurston and out of the picture going right on the same ridge would eventually be Elk Mountain.
Behind Mount Mercer is Mount McGuire.
A lot of Cheam Ridge can be seen in the lower right corner of this picture below.

In this picture below is Mount Mercer and McGuire behind on the right side and Mount Baker in the middle and left of Baker is Tomyhoi Peak and left of it is most of Canadian Border Peak.

In the next picture below starting from the right side is Canadian Border Peak under the cloud and American Border Peak is left of it pointing at the lower cloud.
Left of American Border Peak is the pyramid shaped Mount Larrabee and left of it is The Pleiades and behind The Pleiades pocking above and higher than the Border Peaks and Larrabee is Mount Shuksan.
Across the valley going left lower and in front on that range is Mount MacFarlane and left and behind it is it's name sake range Slesse Mountain with it's towers, Station D being the left one.
Left of it is the points of Labour Day Summit and the rest are all part of the Slesse Range of mountains and peaks.
The closest lower left almost flat mountain is Mount Laughington.

This picture below continues left of the picture above and now Sleese is on the right side of the picture and down the right side and end of the Nesakwatch Valley are mountain and peaks that are part of the Slesse Range.
Across the valley on the left side however are mountains and peaks that are part of the Rexford Range with the Illusion Peaks in front and the highest being the Nesakwatch Spires and Mount Rexford.
Left front in the picture is part of Lady Peak.

Again I made a panaroma of all the next set of pictures above.

These pictures below will be random pictures of the same scenery already taken but the aspects may be a little different.

Posing on top of Cheam Peak.

Memorial Medallian.

Looking at the rock shelter.

Enough pictures from the peak. It is time to head down the ridge.
Dave is getting his bearings and he goes right around to the highway side.

Then he goes left to get around the haystack.
Spoon Lake and where we started from is far below.
A picture of the haystack up close.

Now we are on a trail that follows the ridge.

Good views and not much snow left.

Then the trail goes through this almost over grown low bush and can hardly be seen.

Back on the ridge trail and a look back from where we came and where I have to go.

Now the trail is dropping faster and getting steeper.

A closer view of the steep cliff ridge that drops straight down from the peak and a look at Cheam Peak from this aspect.

A look on one side of the ridge and then the other.

Another place where the trail is hard to spot where it goes through some low trees and then some side hill scrambling.

Not much higher than Spoon Lake now.

Now the trail is very easy to follow and frequent look backs at Cheam and the ridge to see the route we came.
This part of the trail has a few very low level hills to go over and then when we went over a fairly large one we turned left off the ridge and dropped into a series of great meadows and followed them to the logging slash and then followed the edge of the timber and came out right at the parking lot.
What a great route, it was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone as a, "A Class Route and Trail", as a alternate route especially when the Cheam Peak Trail is loaded down with dozens of hikers as it usually is.

A winter look from the north at the ridge where the trail is on and goes from the top of Cheam Peak almost to Mount Archibald.