Circumnavigation of Chilliwack Lake Pictorial

This is not the normal report of a trip around a lake but rather a pictorial depiction from all the directions and levels that I could take of Chilliwack Lake.
It consists of several trips to other Locations that have their own reports and I have taken only the lake pictures from those reports to form this collage.

To get to Chilliwack Lake go toward Cultus Lake leaving Highway 401 at the Sardis exit going south until you come to what is called the Vedder Bridge and turn left at the light just before the bridge.
This puts you on Chilliwack River Road. Follow it to it's end which will take 40 minutes to an hour depending on time of year and traffic. It is paved right to the north west end of the lake and the pavement stops at Chilliwack Lake Camp Ground. The dirt road continues along the east side to the south end of the lake but is plagued by pot-holes.

The map below is of Chilliwack Lake and surrounding landmarks.

This picture panorama starts north west of Chilliwack Lake well climbing Williams Peak.
Chilliwack Lake in the distance well on the ridge.

Picture of NW end of Chilliwack Lake from Williams Peak summit.

Panos from Williams Peak.

Up on the Flora Lake trail going north from the Chilliwack Lake Campground.

From Flora Peak ridge above the trail and going toward Flora Peak.

Looking south from Flora Peak.

On the way to Paleface Peak.

Spending the night on Paleface Peak and watching the sun go down.

Morning and the sun on the peaks across the lake.

Dropping down and heading toward Meronuik Peak.

Can't get over Meronuik Peak and going down toward Paleface Creek Valley.
View of the south end of Chilliwack Lake from the SE ridge of Meronuik.

On the Chilliwack Lake Road.

Going up Mount Edgar's western ridge.

High up on the ridge with views up and down the lake.

On the top of the western subpeak of Mount Edgar.

Dropping down from the subpeak heading toward the east and Edgar Peak.

Depot Creek and the south end of Chilliwack Lake.

Starting to climb again toward the peak.
The subpeak I left is in the center picture below and in the pano.

Picture from Edgar Peak.

Heading back toward the subpeak.

Spending the night on the subpeak and watching the sunset.

Morning sun on the peaks.

Heading back down to Chilliwack Lake.

Crossing the Depot Creek Bridge going to the south end of Chilliwack Lake.

Pictures of and from the south end of the lake along the beach.

Grassy marsh south of the beach.

Bear in the lake fishing.

Crossed the river mouth and going toward the SW corner of the lake.

In these two pictures the red marker ribbon for one of the trail heads to Hanging Lake can be seen.

Blue Heron out on the lake.

Pictures from the SW end of the lake by the trail head to Hanging Lake.

Years ago there was a bridge that crossed over the South Chilliwack River to a parking area and campground.
It was called Sapper Park and this is what is still left of it.

Marlon crossing back across the river and my son, Jeff, walking back along the beach after crossing the river mouth.

The old Map of Sappers Park, the ECO Reserve and the Old Trail to Hanging Lake along with where the largest trees were or are.

South of the beach is the ECO Reserve that goes south to the US and Canadian Border.
There are some good sized trees, some edible and weird mushrooms, a assortment of animals, reptiles and birds, as well as Salmon, Kokanee, Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden that spawn in the river.

Chicken Of The Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus).

Strange type of mushroom. Unidentified by me yet.

Pear Shaped or Wolf-Fart Puffball (Lycoperdon pyriforme).

Pine Mushroom (Matsutake)

Crossing the river in the ECO Reserve takes you to another trail heading to Hanging Lake.
Behind me in the picture on the right is the route to Hanging Lake and the west side of Chilliwack Lake.

On the west side of Chilliwack Lake looking between the cliff faces near the summit peak of MacDonald.

Looking down at Chilliwack Lake from the west on MacDonald Peak.

Heading toward the col between Mount MacDonald and Mount Webb.

On the way up to Webb Peak from the col.

Chilliwack Lake from Webb Peak. Looking easterly from Webb Peak.

The last peak on the west side of Chilliwack Lake where part of the lake and campground can be viewed is from Mount Corriveau. These are looking NE from Corriveau Peak.

Hiking through Chilliwack Lake Campground and boat lauch to the beach and being followed by Whiskey Jacks.

Karl looking up toward Flora Peak and a pano taken from the NW end of Chilliwack Lake on the beach looking SE.

At the Chilliwack Lake Campground gate entrance.

Evening mist rising off the lake.
Good night Chilliwack Lake.