Chilliwack River

Chilliwack River head-waters start as far south as Ruth Mountain, Wikipedia say at Hannegan Pass in the U.S. and goes mostly north into Chilliwack Lake.
It leaves the north end of the lake and starts travelling in a westerly direction until it joins Sweltzer River, the river draining Cultus Lake.
Just past where it joins Sweltzer River is flows under the Chilliwack River Bridge, in south Chilliwack at the district of Sardis-Vedder where it becomes the Vedder River and Vedder Canal.

There is alot of fun kayaking and river rafting on Chilliwack River.

Around halfway from the bridge to the lake is a Fish Hatchery at the mouth of Slesse Creek.
To ascend Lady take the left side in the right picture below.

Info about the hatchery and some fry ponds.

The larger fry are in bigger ponds and have larger nets protecting them from animals and birds.

The smaller fry are in large cement tanks and the nets are smaller over them.

Where Sleese Creek flows into the Chilliwack River.

Canada Geese on the bank of the Chilliwack River.

There are many places along the river that has been changed into wild salmon habitat.
This is a bridge over a channel that was made for wild salmon to spawn and ponds for wild fry to grow in.

Wild salmon spawning in this new habitat.

Large and smaller streams split off the main river where fish ladders lead to lush forest and peaceful ponds where wild salmon spawn and live naturally.
Here the wild animals can forge for them naturally also instead of trying to get to them in the fish hatchery.

American Dipper.

The river is surrounded along the way by many mountain vistas.

There are paths and trails to these salmon habitat areas where salmon and wild life can be observed.

Common Mergansers.

Many interesting forest vegitation in these areas and along the river.

Pictures along the river.

Closer to the lake there are more signs of people, trails and cabins.

View of Williams Peak from the SE.

The beginning of Winter on the river.

Where the river flows out of the north end of Chilliwack Lake.

Pictures where the river flows into the south end of Chilliwack Lake.

There is a ECO Reserve just past the south end of Chilliwack Lake and the trail there goes by some very old and large trees.

Views along the South Chilliwack River.

The ECO Trail is hard to follow but eventually it does go as far as the U.S. Border.

Many people have ben lost or hurt or both in this area of the river and occasionally signs of Search & Rescue can be seen.

Bear at the mouth of the river where it enters Chilliwack Lake searching for salmon.

Crossing the river just before it enters the lake.

Jeff on Chilliwack Lake beach after crosing the mouth of South Chilliwack River.