Chipmunk Caves

These are some interesting caves along the Chilliwack River and to get to them go East along the river valley and turn left and park facing North at the gate just before the Ford Mountain Correctional Institute.
The gate may be open and you may be able to drive down to the next gate which I am sure will be closed and from there follow the trail which eventually comes to and goes west down river ,and in a short time you should be looking up at the beginning of the cave system.

We went in a short distance feeling our way in the dark and then looked back at the entrance.

Then Kelsey put on his flashlight and we could see some part of the cave.

So I turned on my headlamp and could see even more.

Picture taken with just my head lamp on.

Picture with just the camera flash. Showing a closer look at the vandelism in the cave.

Views of the cave with the headlamp on.

I have the flashlight and the headlamp. It is more fun to try and get through the cave with less light.

Headlamp on and then turning it off and trying to zoom in on the exit light in the distance at the end of the tunnel.

Closer to the end of the main cave.

Something lurking in the dark, better turn on the headlamp. Oh, it's only Kelsey.

Another picture with the camera flash of the limestone or calcite in the cave.

All to quickly the exit is reached but it was fun well it lasted.