Clear Creek Hot Spring

This was supposed to be a two-fold trip. I had found the roaming camera hidden near the cairn on
Clear Creek Hot Spring by Chilliwack and was gong to hide it some where by Beth Lake.
This was a Clubtread game started by Tim from Chilliwack and Lynn had found it on Vedder Mountain
and hid it on Elk. I was also hoping to continue past Beth Lake and summit Capilano Mountain which
is on the same route.

I drove north on the Squamish Highway, now called the Sea to Sky Highway to the Furry Creek Golf
Course exit and followed the exit road to it's northern most end where it turned into a logging road.
This road has a gate on it and may be locked at times so be aware that if you drive up it and come back
it may be locked.

Furry Creek runs basically east to west and you have to cross over to it's south side so watch for
any branches in the road going right. I am not sure if I remember this correctly but I think the right branch
forks again and both branches have a bridge to cross over the creek.
You have to take the higher branch so if there is another fork in the road take the left one.

When you cross over the bridge the road follows the creek.
I was able to drive almost to where this small tree is trying to survive off this stump well growing
on a large boulder. Then I hiked up the road to Beth Creek where the trail head to Beth Lake starts
on the other side of it. It was not very far from where I parked.

I started up the trail and it was not long before I hit snow.
This was late Winter starting into Spring and the snow was just starting to melt during the nicer days.
I lost the trail and tried to follow the creek but it was getting very steep and the snow was getting chunky
and braking apart on the steep hillside. I had been close to an hour hiking by now and knew the lake should
be some where near so I headed south east away from the creek looking for some openings in the forest
that might be the lake. I decided I was to far left of the creek and lake and might be starting up a ridge
on the east side of the lake so headed back south west and spotted these neat snow cones on a tree.

I angled my way slightly up along the side of the ridge hoping to gain some elevation to see what
was around. Then I saw what I thought was Capilano Mountain but still no lake so I decided to head over
the treed ridge in the distance.

I got through the trees and there was the lake below me. I went into the open hill side
to take this picture.

I noticed I was in a small snow slide area so decided I better get back to the trees.

As I headed down through the trees they thinned out the closer I got
to the lake and I could see the mouth of the creek.
The snow and ice had melted from the creek mouth.