ED's Lake (Unofficial)

This unnamed lake which is high in the mountains and almost exactly half way between Mount Edgar and Mount Daly is very remote and isolated and not many have been to it.
For my own records I decided to call it ED's Lake because it is shared by both those mountains, (E)gar and (D)aly.

I tried scouting out different routes and thought just following the ridge line of Mount Edgar would get me there but it turned out to be the wrong way.
The picture below is zoomed in looking down at the Depot Creek bridge from above on Edgar.

Then I tried different routes from the Depot Creek logging road and seen many rabbits along it.

I thought I could gain the ridge on the East side of Edgar by following up a small creek gully and got blocked again.
Left fork onto this old road off the main logging road is the route to the creek gully.

At the creek.

A small flower cluster along the creek.

Looking West at the mountain.

Some areas of this creek gully is easy hiking.

Checking for any side routes that may be easier and faster.

Another small group of interesting lilly type flowers..

More general pictures along the creek gully to where I turned back.

Then I decided to try the ridge on the East side of the creek and got through.
Pictures from this South facing ridge.

View West zoomed in on from left picture below going right is toward Hanging Lake with Middle Peak Ridge left side of the tree and Middle Peak on the right and then Mount Lindeman and the last two pictures are of Mount MacDonald.

Then looking at Mount Edgar's southern aspect cliffy face.

Looking West again over Nodoubt's northern ridge at Middle Peak peeking up behind it.

Nice looking picture looking down Depot Creek's Valley at Chilliwack Lake and the great three, left to right, Lindeman, MacDonald and Webb.

Pano of Mount Edgar's summit ridge and far in the distance on the left is Welch Peak.

Some more Edgar.

Looking South going West at the US group starting at left picture going right.
Icy Peak is the snow covered dome on the left back and farthest back on the right is Mount Shuksan.
Copper Mountain on left side of the next picture with Mount Baker peeking behind with a cloud on the left side of it's summit in back center.
In the third picture below is Silesia Ridge which is the most southern part of the Sleese Range.
Silesia Ridge on the left side of the picture again and in the middle of the picture is Middle Peak.

Canadian group West to NW from left to right again.
Lindeman, MacDonald with Rexford Group trying to peek above from behind and then third picture MacDonald left and Webb right then Webb left and Welch right and last picture is Welch which is near the South end of the Cheam Range.

Complete pano of all the pictures above.

Depot Creek Falls.

More mountains across the border and this time looking SE.
In the picture below left to right is Custer Ridge and then just peeking over is Mount Spickard then the Mox Peaks and last on the right is Mount Redoubt.

View of all the mountains above in their own separate pictures going from left to right again.
Custer Ridge, Spickard left high point in that picture, Mox Peaks, and last picture on right shows Redoubt.

Closer views on the way up to the ridge.

On the ridge now looking back down toward some of my approach route.

Looking westerly along the ridge.

Now looking the oposite direction toward the East at the highest point which is Whitworth Peak and the Bown one to it's right is Finlayson Peak and the gray peak just right of Finlayson could be Shawatum Mountain which is way across the Skagit River Valley.

View NE at Thompson Peak and part of it's cirque ridge in front of it.

The ridge toward Mount Edgar.

Starting to drop down to the lake.

Pictures of ED's Lake (Unofficial).

Hiking past the lake now.

More strange flower type plant..

Mountains, Peaks and glaciers in the Spickard Range.

Panos of the above pictures.

More flowers.

Heading toward Mount Daly now and views along the way.

Reaching the top end of Paleface Creek Valley.

This is all I can see of Mount Daly.

Looking down Paleface Creek Valley through the clouds.

Camp Peak looking SE.

More cloudy pictures of the Spickard Range, I think I thought that if I took enough of them there may be some that show more than just clouds.

Heading back to the ridge and some shots along the way.

Getting more pictures along the ridge.

Pano of pictures above.

Pano of above pictures.

Random pictures.

Decided that instead of going back the way I came from Depot Creek Valley I would go back by way of Paleface Creek Valley and make a circle.
Decided to drop down the North side of the ridge from here into the small hidden valley and follow it into Paleface Valley.

Where I dropped down.

Following the small valley out.

When I got into Paleface Valley the bush-wacking really started.
I thought I was going to be stuck in it until night fall but made it through in faster time than I expected and got on the logging road.
There had been a large avalanche from the Winter before that broke trees and branches and they were all different levels tangled all through the thick Alder trees in there.
Pictures well hiking out on the overgrown logging road.

Pano where I came from. The small hidden valley is behind the closer ridge just right of center in the picture.

Mount Meroniuk straight ahead going NW.

More pictures from the logging road well hiking toward Chilliwack Lake.

Pano of the North aspect of Edgar and it's summit ridge.

I could have crossed over this col from the hidden valley and traversed to Edgar Peak and come down from there and I plan to do that some day. In the third picture below right is where the lake is behind that far ridge with the small amount of orange talus.

This bridge has loose pieces that are not nailed down. Be careful crossing it if it is still there.

This is the fork where the Transcontinental Trail goes left and the logging road follows up Paleface Creek Valley right to where I came from.

From the fork it was another couple of kilometers to Chilliwack Lake Road and another couple back to the Depot Creek Road and another kilometer or so to the vehicle.
GPS says 17.6 miles total trip.