Five Mile Ridge

I call this Five Mile Ridge because it is about five miles of ridge hike between Mount McGuire and Canadian Border Peak at least especially if you add the ups and downs over the many bumps you will traverse.
There are two primary ways to get to it from the Chilliwack River Road. Take the exit off Highway 401 at the Chilliwack/Sardis exit going south into Sardis and you will eventually come to the Vedder Bridge. Turn left at the light just before the bridge and you are then on the Chilliwack River Road.
Continue until you cross another bridge over to the south side of Chilliwack River and immediately turn right onto the dirt road. Shortly there will be a left branch in the road so take it and now you are on the Tamihi FSR. Follow it as far as you can, most likely stopped by wash-outs across the road. Then start hiking to access the ridge by the forth route shown on the map below. For more Details to get to the ridge from here see the trip report called Border Peaks.
The other primary access point to get to this ridge is, instead of turning right onto the dirt road after crossing the bridge continue east on the Chilliwack River Road until you come to a bridge that crosses over Slesse Creek but instead of going over that bridge turn right into the gravel pit and continue up the dirt road that leaves it for about 1 kilometer until it forks. Be careful going up this road because you may encounter gravel trucks and the road is narrow. Turn left at the fork and park in the open area just before the washed out bridge that is no longer there. You have to hike across the creek by following a short quad trail that leaves the parking area. If you have a narrow 4X4 you may be able to drive across and then up to the higher part of the mountain saving half an hour of road hiking or more.
Here are some pictures of the bridge when it sunk down and they blocked it off. The picture on the right is of another bridge wash out farther up the mountain. Just before this second bridge wash out there is a rough logging road going left off the main road which can be taken to access the ridge via the third route shown on the map below by taking Borden Peak (Unofficial) trail and ridge.
To access the ridge from it's western end by Mount McGuire continue across the second bridge wash out on the main road to access routes one and two shown on the map below.

Once you cross the creek take the first right fork on the road you come to which heads up the mountain shown in the middle picture above. For more instructions from this point see the trip reports for Mount McGuire and Borden Peak.

If you really want to get away from all the hikers and back country campers and get a good work out this is one of the most rewarding places to go.
There is very little water so replenish when ever you can and be careful you don't drink any water that may make you loose your stomach contains and not allow you to keep any thing you eat and drink down.
If this happens to you Gatorade or Powerade will cure it. I found that Sunkist juice crystals in the large square clear plastic container kills this type of bacteria and seems to work for me but may not work for you.
When I first started visiting the ridge the bridge was there and the road had two wheel drive access and that is when I marked with ribbon the four access routes on to the ridge.
The map below is of Five Mile Ridge and access routes from the upper logging road sysem.

I wanted to walk the whole ridge starting from the base of McGuire and end at the base of Canadian Border Peak so I started from the Mount McGuire trail.
Pictures along Borden Creek FSR to the McGuire trail head and Shaggy Mane (Coprinus comatus) mushrooms breaking through the hard road surface.

McGuire's eastern running ridge and Cheam Range in the distance.

The road crosses above a limestone cave created over time by running water.

Pano of Five Mile Ridge just before starting the McGuire Trail.

I headed up the left side of this pond from the trail.

It was a steep hill and stopped at the edge of a small cliff where I took this pano under a tree that is leaning out from the cliff..

Looking back at the small cliff where I took the above pano from.

Then I came to a nice meadow with this pond in it.
When I came back I headed to the road from this pond and found a much better route than climbing over that hill.

The only other person that hiked the whole ridge with me is Rich.
We met up on friday after work and hiked up the road until it got dark and set up our tents.

Next morning we continued up the road and turned off it just after the lime stone cave and before this water bar.
The red flag ribbon can be seen left in the picture below.

Starting on the route to the pond and passing some wild flowers.
Englemann's Aster (Eucephalus engelmannii).

This route eventually comes to a creek and if you go right heading down the creek there is a second lime stone cave.

Made it to the pond and Rich with Mount McGuire as a back drop.

Up the hill from the pond and following a game trail which heads in a eastern direction along the ridge.

The trees open up a little and a view of the south western edge of McGuire.

Liumchen Peak left picture and left in second picture.
Church Mountain on right side in second picture with cliff face, Old Baldy on it's left and Windy Knob to it's right.

Mount McGuire and view of the trail route to it's peak.
It starts from the tree draw on the right and follows the tree line going up and left and then goes straight up from below the peak into the small patch of trees going up and right and then takes the ridge left to the peak.

Looking back toward the treed area by the pond.

Looking down into Tamihi Valley and the border line and logging roads.

Looking back at McGuire again and the beautiful open hill side.

Next open hill ahead and Mount Tomyhoi with Shuksan on it's distant right.
Rich poses with them for a back drop.

Getting closer to the border peaks.

Pano of Borden Peak and ridge in the fore ground with the Slesse Range behind.
Mount MacFarlane left of Borden and going left from it is Crossover, Parkes and the Slesse Towers.

Pano of the Canadian and American Border Peaks with Larrabee to their right, next hill to hike over and Tomyhoi and Shuksan in the back right distance.

Up the hill to a great open area with great views.

Mount Baker.

Tomyhoi and Shuksan.

Left to right in the back are MacFarlane, Crossover, Parkes and Slesse.

Left to right, Canadian Border Peak, American Border Peak, Larrabee, Upper Tamihi Valley and Mount Tomyhoi right.

Damfino Mountain, the tallest point is it's peak.

Rich looking back the way we came.

This is the biggest drop and rise along the whole ridge.
The hill in the distance is Spencer Peak.

A calcium sink hole and possible future cave.

Another look back and Rich with Baker as a back drop.

Almost to the bottom just before another possible cave and then the steep hike back up.

The hike back up in this spot is through young Mountain Alder and a bit strenuous with a pack.
Near the top it meets up with the second ridge access route shown on the map.
These pictures show where that route starts from the logging road and the views on the way up to this part of the ridge.

From the top of this hill is a great view of the whole Cheam Range and back at McGuire and it's NE ridge.

Rich coming down from this hill.

Another beautiful picture of the upper valley and looking straight down at the border line.

A look back toward the WSW at the US Church group of mountains and looking in the opposite direction at the Slesse group.

Spencer Peak ahead and the hill to get to it.

This is one of the steepest hills on the ridge.

Views near the top of Spencer Peak.

Approaching Spencer Peak and cairn. We camped on that open hill left in the second and third picture.

Passing a pond on the way to where we plan to spend the night and looking back at Spencer Peak.

A beautiful spot to camp for the night with great views in all directions.

Camped for the night with the setting sun.

Next morning and up with the rising sun.

Tomyhoi Lake with approaching afternoon shade and morning shade.

Some of the local flowers and plants.

All packed up and ready to continue to the end of the ridge at Canadian Border Peak.

Through these bushes is a trail which is the third access route to this ridge coming from Borden Ridge as show on the map.

Dropping down off the hill above is a nice open area and the forth access route from Tamihi Valley comes up from the road where my son is pointing.

Continuing along the ridge in a eastern direction to CBP these Chicken Of The Woods or Sulphur Shell Mushrooms (Laetiporus sulphureus, Laetiporus cincinnatus) may be seen.

The final leg of the trip to the end of Five Mile Ridge and the last bumps to traverse with a closer view of the Slesse Towers.

A look back at the cliff face of the hill we just came over.

Heading to the final bumps of Five Mile Ridge.

As far as we can go on Five Mile Ridge with out climbing Canadian Border Peak.

Looking westerly over Five Mile Ridge back toward where we started at the base of Mount McGuire.

After we finished the ridge we doubled back and followed the route back from the yellow ribbon along Borden Ridge and took the north east trail down from it to the logging road and out.
The low area between the two hills left of Rich and in front of Tomyhoi is where the forth access route to Five Mile Ridge is coming up from Tamihi Valley.
Rich is pointing at where we camped out of the picture to the right and at his trade mark hat where we are at on Borden Ridge.
We were back at the car before noon. It was a wonderful trip with a great companion for company.