Green Drop Lake From Post Creek Trail

I have hiked to this lake many times. To get to the Post Creek Trail Head go toward Cultus Lake leaving Highway 401 at the Sardis exit going south until you come to what is called the Vedder Bridge and turn left at the light just before the bridge. This puts you on Chilliwack River Road. Follow it to it's end which will take 40 minutes to an hour depending on time of year and traffic. It is paved right to Chilliwack Lake Camp Ground but just before you get that far there is a dip in the road where it crosses over the Post Creek culvert and right after the culvert the road climbs and there is room for parking on the right shoulder which is where the Trail Head starts on the opposite side of the road.
The Post Creek Trail is made up of two sections. The first section could be called the Lindeman Lake Trail and after Lindeman Lake the next section can be called the Green Drop Lake Trail. Throw Flora Lake Loop Trail in there also and The Centennial Trail that this is part of and the route can be identified by five different names.
Even though this hike is nice there are not many views and usually not something I would do a report on but this particular trip was quite different than most. James accompanied me on a early spring trip and the trail was mostly flooded.
Below is the trail sign and the park map of the trail.

Just past Lindeman Lake, the upper part of Post Creek is crystal clear and contains floating slime and a growth of algae giving interesting patterns for those who like weird pictures.

Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum), growing out from under a dead log.

Post Creek as it slithers through lush green forest.

James poses on one of the log bridges crossing over the creek.

Trying to find a dry route along the trail in a flooded valley.

James posing again at Green Drop Lake.

Green Drop Lake in early spring and high water.

One of the three rock slides to traverse between Lindeman and Green Drop Lakes.

It usually takes about 5 hours to hike in and back but this day took closer to 7 hours because of the flooding and trying to find drier routes going in and out.
It's a nice short day hike with the lakes to cool off in on hot days.