Hanging Lake Peak
Unfinished Trip

Hanging Lake Peak drops into Upper Hanging Lake's south western side and this trip was not exclusively to ascend the peak unless there was extra time but was a good recon trip and enough info was gathered so next time it will be an easy ascent.

Hanging Lake Peak above the trees partially in the clouds seen from Lower Hanging Lake.

Pano of most of the upper rim around Lower Hanging Lake and the closest taller looking peak is Hanging Lake Peak.

Upper Hanging Lake is on the right side of Hanging Lake Peak at the col ahead in this pano.

Perspective views of the area around the peak.

Getting closer and the clouds are coming in again.

It is very hard to tell in the pictures and pano below but I was able to cross the out flow creek gully and gain access to the bottom of the summit.

I crossed the outflow creek and started up and got to this point in the left picture below and since it was getting late and the day was filled with many low lingering clouds I decided to leave it for another time.
The main purpose of this trip was to get to Upper Hanging Lake and I wanted to save the peak trip for a time I could summit this peak and possibly summit Middle Peak on the same trip with nice clear weather so I could get many great pictures.

Went back down to Upper Hanging Lake, posed for a picture and started back down.

A look back and the clouds are still lingering around the peak better to summit another time when the weather is better to get great pictures,

Looking down at Lower Hanging Lake.

A brief rest and picture of Lower Hanging Lake.

Tried to take a picture of myself well standing on the rock in the creek behind but was to slow.
This picture was not of this trip but thought I would throw one in well crossing the bushbowl.

Another rest at the campsite just past the bushbowl.

Pictures of the log-jam at the river that has to be crossed.

Got back to Chilliwack Lake and seen this water fowl, don't recall ever seeing one of these before.
Have no idea what it is called. It is the size of a Loon and looks like a cross between a Wood Duck and Sea Gull with Loon in the mix some where.

Zoom down the lake at Porcupine Peak left and Mount Northgraves, back right.
Porcupine Peak is also known as Goat Peak but since in this part of the world there are a over abundance of mountains and peaks called Goat that I am staying with the very rarely used name which is Porcupine.

As I mentioned this trip was not intended to summit Hanging Lake Peak but was a good recon of what will be done in the future. It will be a wonderful trip with fantastic views if the weather cooperates and I am looking forward to doing it.