International Ridge
On The Way To Mount Amadis

International Ridge is the mountainous ridge on the eastern side of Cultus Lake.
To get there turn off Highway 1 at the Chilliwack ramp and go south into Sardis and stay on Vedder Road and continue over the Vedder Bridge.
Right after the bridge turn left onto Cultus Lake Road and turn left off it onto Sleepy Hollow Road and then right onto Vance Road.
It becomes a gravel road which is the Liumchen Creek FSR. Next there will be a metal fence with warning signs all along it to keep out which is ASU Chilliwack Millitary Base or called OPSEE.
I was told later that the Army does their thing there. Take the next dirt road at the end of the fence on the right and start up that road.
I parked a short way up the road where it looked to steep to continue by car. Took a few pics before I started hiking up the road.
The last time I tried to drive in from this direction there was a gate across the road but I heard it is open now.
The trail head goes up the ridge left off the road and crosses some other old roads above and one of them is the other trail to the ridge that follows a logging road from near the beginning of Cultus Lake off Edmeston Road on the Cultus Lake map below at the end of this report.

Picture from the Liumchem Creek FSR looking up at part of International Ridge.

Far distant left is Mount Cheam and just across the valley is Elk Mountain left and Mount Thurston right.

Church Mountain right.

The road became very steep and washed out and would be difficult to hike up or down if it was wet.
Then it leveled off and the trail met it on the left so we followed it up and then the trail crossed another road.

The trail was steep and stayed on the ridge and then finally is started to open up and reveal some views and a bit of Cultus Lake.

Chilliwack Mountain in the distance and a couple pictures zoomed into it.

Pictures across the Fraser Valley going from Chilliwack area, Rosedale and up the valley toward Agassiz.

View of the entrance to Cultus Lake.

Cultus Lake.

Looking at part of Vedder Mountain, Sumas Mountain and across the Fraser Valley at the Fraser River and Chilliwack Mountain.

More of the same but just different aspects.

The Fraser River between Mount Sumas and Chilliwack Mountain with tree in center of it.

Mount Thom left of center between the trees.

Part of Vedder Mountain front and behind on the left side of the ridge is Taggart Peak and right is Mount Sumas and across the river right of Sumas Mountain is Dewdney Peak.

Getting closer to the other end of the lake.

The small hill where the maple leaf branch is pointing is called Teapot Hill and the trail going to the top follows it's ridge from the road down by the lake.

Bad spot along the trail where it has slid away, lucky there is a root there for extra help to get by.

Then the trail climbs through some thick bushes and comes abruptly to a drop off and does a ninety degree right turn. I almost walked straight off the edge in the fog the first time I was on this trail.
When you turn right staying on the narrow ridge there is another slight hill and then you are back on better trail.

Looking down at Lindell Beach, Aquadel Golf Course and left is Cultus Lake Holiday Trailer Park where my wife's parents had a trailer where the trailers are surrounding a small green patch of trees.

Columbia Valley.

Up high enough now to look east toward Mount Cheam and Hope.

View east toward Hope showing Elk Mountain and Thurston Peak and behind them are four mountains of the Cheam Range and closer in the lower right pictures are some of the subpeaks of Church Mountain.

On the way back getting a closer view of parts of Vedder Mountain.

Mountains and Peaks in this panorama below, starting closer front left is Chilliwack Mountain and left behind it is Nicomen Mountain and behind it snow capped is Robie Reid.
Then to the right of Robie Reid is Mount Judge Howay with the two peaks. Then closer and behind Chilliwack Mountain is Deroche Mountain and then Sasin Peak with the snow covered Mount Clarke group of mountains behind them.
The other big snow covered mountains right of the Clarke Group are Mount Breakenridge and Traverse Peak.
Then closer is Mount Woodside and Mount Agassiz and right behind the two rock piles on the valley prairie is Bear Mountain and behind slightly left of Bear Mountain is The Old Settler on the horizon.
There are many more mountains east but crossing the farthest end of the valley going right is Mount Ludwig and right of it is Four Brothers Mountain with the flat mountain behind on the horizon being Mount Barr.
Closer and the most pointed peak is Cheam Peak and going right from it is Lady, Knight, Stewart, and Baby Munday Peaks and then The Still, and Welch and Foley Peaks.
The next closer mountain ridge contains Elk Mountain on the left bald side and Mount Thurston above the right bald side of that ridge.
The closest mountain on the right side of the pano with the long ridge is Church Mountain and the farthest peak right looking south is Liumchen Mountain which is right on the Canada/US Border line.

In this panorama the high mountains on the northern horizon can be seen better and again their names are starting left is Robie Reid and the twin peaks is Mount Judge Howay and farther right the mass of snow topped mountains are the Clarke Group and the snow capped mountains on the right horizon are Mount Breakenridge and Traverse Peak.

A beautiful panorama of Cultus Lake and Columbia Valley left and Vedder Mountain across the lake.

This is Cultus Lake Park Map showing the many hiking and horse trails on the eastern side of the lake.
It also shows all the campgrounds, picnic spots and boat launches.

The International Ridge used to go right through to what I call Black Mountain Trail and end up in the Columbia Valley near the Canada/US Border.
Logging done by both Canada and US have destroyed part of it but it is still possible to bushwack through.
It is a very long hike to go right through and a vehicle would be needed at each end.
It crosses over Mount Amamdis and Isar Mountain and then turns west going down into Columbia Valley.
This trip report only covers it to just before Mount Amadis which is the most scenic part of the trail except where it ascends Mount Amadis and there are some good views toward Mount Baker in the states.