Jones Lake

Jones Lake is also called Wahleach Lake and has been dammed to supply extra hydro power for local communities.
Turn off the Highway along way past Bridal Falls onto Laidlaw Road and turn right off it onto the Jones Creek FSR.
The turn off is just past Jones Creek Bridge.
The road is very steep at first and they were working on it when I went there so it was also rough.
Eventually you come to a fork in the road and the right fork goes to the lake and has a sign showing the right direction.

I got to the lake finally, the road was rough, muddy and slippery and several rocks, pot-holes and bumps were on it.

The dam on the east end of the lake where the out-flow is.

The boat launch.

Pictures of Jones Lake.

Decided to walk up the gated road on the right side of the lake.

Got to a pump house and could see where the water was being sucked into the pump house.

The lake is beautiful with the Cheam Mountains as a backdrop.

A zoomed in picture of the boat launch.

Some of the equipment that was working on the road.

The sign that shows directions to the picnic area at the lake.

Parked where the road forks, take the right fork to the lake.

Where road work was done.

I wish they would smooth the road out when they do some work on it instead of leaving it in a bumpy muddy mess full of potholes.
This is what happens when they don't fix the road right. I really hope some day they get in a bind like this because of crappy road work and find out the trouble this caused.
I was able to get help and get it fixed to get home.

I went there again but the weather was not inviting so I turned around and came home.

I have unfinished business there so will be back some day.