Lindeman Lake
Winter & Summer Trips

Winter Trip
Lindeman Lake is one of the prettiest lakes in the Chilliwack Valley.
To get there you need to take the same directions to Chilliwack Lake and Chilliwaxk Lake Campground but just before the campground well still on paved road there is a brand new parking lot just for Lindeman Lake campers and hikers. It is a fairly steep hike but takes less then two hours to get to it and most will only take an hour depending what they pack in.
Starting with the Winter Trip.

Sign showing the distance which is not very far at all.

When I went there the parking lot was not built yet and you had to park on the side of Chilliwack Lake Road.

Starting up the trail.

The trail had many icy slippery spots and had to be careful in places.

Then there was a snowy log bridge to cross.

More pictures of the trail all the way to the lake.

Looking across to the other end of the lake.

A frozen Lindeman Lake.

Frozen log half submerged into the lake.

Still some open water that has not frozen over yet.

Zooming down the lake to look at the glassy frozen ice.

Looking at the frozen log again before leaving.

Summer Trip
On the same log bridge but this time there is no snow on it.

At the and it is a beautiful aqua colour.

Looking toward the far side of the lake.

Heading to the other end of the lake with James posing for some pictures.

Looking back from where we came.

A few boulders that had to be traversed to get to the other side.

Pictures of across the lake.

The Cat-Walk near the end of the lake.

The Gargoyles.

Another picture across the lake in fall colours.

One last look at the crystal clear aqua coloured lake.

To see this lake is well worth the prise and reward of the short hike to get here. Truely an awesome looking lake and it has tent pads to stay and enjoy the lake even longer.