Liumchen Creek Valley
Alternate Route to Amadis and Isar

Liumchen Creek Valley is in my opinion the fastest and easiest route to summit either Mount Amadis or Isar Mountain.
The approach is mainly by a gradual climb on very old logging roads that have deteriated over time but still accessible.
On this trip I started late, just before noon and got far enough to be between the two mountains but because of my late start I had to turn back and finished in the dark.
There was some one living off the side of the road in a tarped camp and had three dogs and since he was not there at the time they chased me out and then the gate from Vance Road was locked so I have not been able to go back again yet.

Small water fall along the beginning of the road.

What I call a Hobo Camp and the trail going off the logging road to it. It is about a hundred meters up the hill.

Liumchen Creek and the first bridge which crosses it.

From Church Mountain above this stream crosses the road under this bridge.

More creeks and a hand made bridge for quads.

This little water fall some how drains under the road for over a hundred feet and finds it's way into the culvert.

Another creek and another bridge which crosses back over to the right side of Liumchen Creek.

Along the road soon cross by a couple of small water falls.

First sight of Bald Mountain which is across the Canada/US border.

Rabbit, Cougar and my tracks in the snow. Saw deer tracks earlier on a patch of snow by a bridge.

Looking up at the summit of Mount Amadis where the International Trail is.

Part of Isar Mountain ahead.

Looking south across the border at Bald Mpuntain.

Detting closer to the border.

The logs are stacked vertically but there is no others horizontally, so the top log is the one to cross actually making it a one log bridge.

Looking back at Windy Knob.

Random pictures well ascending the road.

View back at the road I have been following.

Border cut line barely visible going up the right side of the closest bump left in the first picture below.
Then visible as a some what white line going up and over the small bump right of Bald Mountain and left below the highest bump on the right side of the second picture.

Got this far and decided to turn back.
In the pictures below are Isar, Amadis and Bald Mountains.

I believe this is the Mount Amadis summit.

Isar Mountain summit is left in this pano.

The border cut line can be seen a little better in this pano.

Heading back and looking at the long distance I have to go.

Crossing this wash out gully in the dark.

Maps of the Location where I went.

This is another trip that needs to be completed. Next time I will leave early and go to Isar first and then Amadis and drop back down on the logging roads to follow the way I went in and this way I will not need to have another vehicle at Columbia Valley to taxi me back to the vehicle I started from on the Liumchen Creek FSR.