Mount Amadis

Mount Amadis is what is at the end of what is left of the International Ridge Trail.
But it can be accessed from Columbia Valley or Liumchen Creek Valley.
It probably has the closest view to Mount Baker other than the open slash area south of Isar Mountain than from any other mountain in Canada along the border. It is also a great fitness hike.
To get to it follow the same directions to get to the International Ridge Trail. One way is to go to Cultus Lake and near the beginning of the lake watch for a road going left and up off the main road called Edmeston Road. There is a small parking spot on the right side of the road and when you start you cross over a small foot bridge that goes over Smith Falls Creek.
At all forks of the road take the left ones and when it gets high up on the north ridge watch for the trail on the right side of the road which steeply climbs following the ridge going south.

On the International ridge trail heading to Mount Amadis and Cultus Lake below.

The usual Fraser Valley views from this route.

Heading toward the other end of Cultus Lake.

A panaroma of Mount Amadis ahead and Liumchen Mountain left.

Pictures showing Columbia Valley from the border to Cultus Lake, plus all almost all of Vedder Mountain.

Getting closer to Amadis.

Some get views ahead, behind and across the valleys.

A picture right above Lindell Beach.

Dropping down hill to do the final climb to Mount Amadis.

Views to the east of the Liumchem split valleys.

The trail goes through this ridge ahead.

The trail goes around to the southern side of the summit where there is an open area with good view south and west.

Panorama of Mount Baker in the clouds and Bald and Isar Mountains.

Heading toward Isar Mountain which is the highest round bump in the distance in the first and third pictures below.

Bald Mountain in the distance.

Mount Baker.

The other Church Mountain which is in the US.

Mount Shuksan.

Logging Cul-de-sac.

Baker again.

Welch in the very far distance left and Church Mountain.

Church and McGuire just peeking above right on the horizon.

Panorama with the pictures above now showing the Border Peaks peeking up from behind on the right side of the pano and Liumchen Mountain on the right side.

Mount Amadis from the south well half way to Isar.

More of the same pictures above but slightly different aspects.

Isar Mountain showing in both right and left sides of the pictures below.

Best chance and zoom pictures of Mount Baker of the day.

The rounded treed Isar Mountain summit ahead and this is where I turned back.

Pictures on the way back.

Some more pictures from the open viewing area on Mount Amadis before leaving.

Sun is starting to get low.

In the dark now.

Last pictures at night of the lights near the north end of Cultus Lake.

The mountains in the pictures above are in the United States and in Canada.
Baker, Baldy, Church (US), Shuksan and American Border Peak are all in the States.
Church (Canada), McGuire, Welch and Canadian Border Peak are all in Canada.
The border line goes almost right through the middle of Isar and Liumchen's summits and crosses in between Canadian and American Border Peaks.