Mount Archibald

Mount Archibald is a small ridge mountain that shares the same adjoining ridge with Cheam Peak and is south west of Cheam Peak.
It is another small summit named after a Canadian Air Force Pilot.
There are two ways to get to it which are either from Bridal Falls FSR which can be accessed from Highway 1 at Bridal Falls and the other way from the Chilliwack River Road turning left off it just after the Ford Mountain Correctional Institute onto Foley Creek FSR and left again onto Chipmunk Creek FSR and stay right on it where it meets the Bench Road and continue on toward Cheam Peak parking lot.
But just before the parking lot park where a short road on the left goes up the hill a short ways.
This is just before a swath of timber where the Cheam parking lot is on the other side of the trees.

The tree swath just ahead and the Cheam Parking lot is just past it.

Looking back where we parked.

Parked at the start of the short road that goes up the hill.

It was late but we wanted to hike some of the ridge toward Cheam Peak that night and camp by the vehicle and hike to Mount Archibald next morning.
Going up the road and then following the small gully to the ridge trail.

Looking back across the valley toward Laughington ridge and Mount Laughington summit right beside the tree on the right side of the picture.

Looking back from where we came.

On the ridge trail going toward Cheam Peak.

Sun is starting to set so and looking good for some sunset pictures.
Fraser River spawled out below.

Lady Peak covered in clouds with alpen glow.

Sunset starting now.

Giving a nice red and pink glow across the Fraser Valley.

Zooming to a bend in the Fraser River.

Looking toward the south from the ridge.

Awesome sunset.

Stunning colors in the sky.

Fantastic end of the sunset.

Sun rise view across the valley.

Heading up the road back to the ridge with Mount Archibald as the distination this time.

Lots of cloud cover and fog to start the day.

Large Boletes.

Posing on top of what we thought was Mount Archibald.

Troy in front of the quadruple trees.

The fog was thick but we finally found our way to the summit and the were more Boletes on it.

After awhile the fog or clouds lifted and was able to get pictures of the surrounded area and valleys.
I think they are mostly of Mount Mercer in the clouds, upper Chipmunk Creek Valley and possibly some views all the way down to the Chilliwack Valley.

Then we found the cairn and the cross so we knew for sure we were on the summit of Mount Archibald.

It was very ironic because when Troy and I did this hike from near the Cheam Parking lot I took pictures well coming to the summit and none on the way back.
At a later time I came back with Stu and Lynn via his route from Bridal Falls and I never took any picture well heading up but took many going back down.
So from this part of the trip report I will continue with the trip with Stu and Lynn going down from the summit on their route.

Posing with the patched up cross with Stu amd Lynn on Mount Archibald summit.

Some panorama pictures from the summit.

Heading back down.

A great stroll through the meadows and draws.

Then some bushwacking.

Next it got a little steep going down and around a small cliff.

The small cliff face.

It opened up with no bush obstucting the views and could see mixed open a clouded in views of the Fraser Valley below.

Reached the road and now it was time to shed some layers of cloths for the much faster pace down the Bridal Falls FSR.

Great pictures under the clouds of the Fraser River and Valley and of Rosedale and Aggassiz along with a special treat watching the paragliders.
Even got a picture of Harrison Lake when the clouds lifted enough.

A great couple after a inspiring hike via Stu's route.

I wish the trips above had as nice weather as the weather was in the trips near by where the pictures below were taken from.
The left picture below shows Stu's route up the left ridge of Mount Archibald and the right picture and pano show my route from near the Cheam Peak parking lot.
I will have do them again in better weather and get more pictures because both routes have many great views when it is not foggy or clouded in.