Borden Peak (Unofficial)

There is a ridge that branches North from Five Mile Ridge and ends at a small peak. Five Mile Ridge is the ridge that connects Mount McGuire to the Border Peaks.
I decided I would give this little peak a unofficial name and named it Borden Peak after the valley and creek that carves up it's western shoulder.
With McGuire to it's west and the Slesse Range and valley to it's east it is not a very spectacular peak.
It is mainly a bump and a elevation about that of Elk.

Small it is but getting to it seems to me a long trip from the three different directions to access it.
The three ways to access it are from the South where it branches North from Five Mile Ridge, from the West up a steep rocky incline or from the North and East by a marked trail.
All these routes start from logging roads either from the Chilliwack/Tammihi Valley or the Chilliwack/Sleese/Borden Valleys.

Summer Trip

The first set of pictures below are from the Summer, traveling from Five Mile Ridge and going North along Borden Peak ridge to Borden Peak.
Starting out on a foggy morning.

Leaving Five Mile Ridge after the fog lifted and looking back at the ridge with the dominant back drop of Mount Tomyhoi.

Approaching and ascending Goat Hair Butte.

Pointing back toward where we started from Five Mile Ridge with Tomyhoi and Mount Baker in the distance.

Looking down at part of the Sleese Creek Valley.

View of the Border Peaks.

The South end drainage of Borden Creek Valley where it starts below Five Mile Ridge.

Looking back at Goat Hair Butte.

Viewing upper Borden Valley showing the western part of Five Mile Ridge where it meets Mount McGuire on the right side of the picture.
Then looking at the eastern part of the ridge where it meets Canadian Border Peak on the left side of the picture.

Borden Peak (Unofficial) peeking up behind the next bump along it's ridge.

Some random, some zoomed in pictures looking back well heading toward Borden Peak.

Getting closer to Borden Peak (Unofficial) and this is also where the western steep rocky approach gains the ridge.

The Guardians along the western approach.

Looking West at Mount McGuire.

Now looking South at Tomyhoi and Baker.

Then the Border Peaks.

And of course the Sleese Range to the East.

Looking back at the last bump traversed on the way North toward Borden Peak.

Small lake and pond on the eastern slope of the ridge.

View of the lake and pond from another perspective.

The top of the ridge where the trail ascends the ridge from the North and East.

Pano of the lake, pond and on the left side of the picture is the logging slash where the eastern trail access starts up the ridge.

Zoom in of the logging slash where the eastern trail approach starts.

The marker where the eastern trail gains Borden Ridge.

Views near the Snow Pillow.

The Snow Pillow.

Borden Peak (Unofficial).

Looking back well ascending the peak.

Views from on top of Borden Peak.

Pano from the top.

Medallion and cairne with registry on the peak.

Ruffed Grouse well heading down.

Heading down the eastern trail to the logging slash and road.

Last of the summer pictures showing some unidentified wild mushrooms.

Winter Trip

There was some bridge washouts so now you have to start hiking from where the bridge to McGuire used to be which puts the starting point about a kilometer up the dirt road from where you turn off Chilliwack River Road just before the Slesse Creek Bridge at the gravel pit.
After parking, starting elevation is about 240 meters. From the parking area you have to cross the creek above where the bridge was by following a quad/4X4 track where it crosses a shallower part of the creek.
Once across the creek the immediate right fork needs to be taken.
This first part of the road passes some old branch roads. Stay on the main road.
This is Borden Peak approach from the North and East via logging road and trail.

Some views well hiking up the road.

Knocking snow off a small Alder tree before and after.
See how much it stood up after the weight of the snow was knocked off it.

Mount Mercer.

Icicles growing in a freezing stream.

View of part of the Sleese Range.

When taking a wrong branch road it goes to this chimney which was part of an old cabin.

On the road into the logging slash and looking back at Elk/Thurston and ahead at the Border Peaks.

Pano of the logging slash, treed ridge on the left where the trail is and the peak.

Almost to the trail head.

Ascending the trail.

Bear den I found not far from the trail. Glad it's hybernating.

More views well ascending the trail.

The Snow Pillow.

Views around the Snow Pillow.

Heading toward Borden Peak (Unofficial).

Looking back at the Snow Pillow.

The whole gang on Borden Peak.

Winter pano from the peak.

Zooming in on the other hikers just before they leave the logging slash well going back.

One last zoom shot at Canadian Border Peak before leaving.

Heading down off the peak and leaving the ridge.

Looking down the ridge to the logging slash:

Met some crazy sledders down in the logging slash well heading out.

Spring Trip

On this trip I went all the way to Five Mile Ridge via Borden Ridge and camped and then came back the same way.

Since the bridges washed away there has been no traffic on the road and now many trees are falling across it.
The quaders have made routes around them so they are easy to go around or through.

After about an hour going my speed some Slesse Peaks and Border Peaks are visible from a logging slash beside the road.

Higher up the logging road more views looking northerly of other mountains and mountain ranges.

On the trail to gain Borden Ridge. The cairne now has a broken wing.

Another perspective view of the Pillow.

Can now compare what it looks like in Summer, Winter and Spring.

Heading South toward Five Mile Ridge.

Looking back at Borden Peak.

Long ways down the side of Goat Hair Butte.

Goat hair on Goat Hair Butte.

Tomyhoi behind Five Mile Ridge and Canadian Border Peak in the clouds.

Panos of part of Five Mile Ridge from this perspective.

Looking at Mount McGuire.

Getting closer to Five Mile Ridge.

Much less snow lower down than on the higher ridge.

Pictures well approaching the ridge.

On Five Mile Ridge looking easterly.

Heading West on the ridge toward Spencer Peak.

From near Spencer Peak on Five Mile Ridge looking northeast at Borden Ridge and Borden Peak on the left end of the ridge.

Having fun sliding well going back.

Back at Goat Hair Butte and fresh hair.

Storm clouds with sun shining through make great pictures.

Borden Peak (Unofficial) in the distance.

The access ridge where the trail is.

More great pictures of where I came from with Canadian Border peak in picture on left and then a series of Five Mile Ridge shots and Mount McGuire in the last picture.

Going up Borden Peak.

Looking back at the Snow Pillow well ascending the peak.

On the summit and looking at Thurston and Mercer Mountains below left picture and then Laughington Mountain under the clouds center distance in the below right picture.

Looking across Chilliwack Valley at Elk Mountain.

Snow capped Cheam Mountain Range.

Pano of the Mountains to the North across Chilliwack Valley.

Pano of Mount McGuire across Borden Creek Valley.

Pano back toward the South.

Some final pictures before leaving Borden summit. Looking Southward at Canadian Border Peak and then Tomyhoi Mountain and Five Mile Ridge.
Then another zoom in Westward at Mount McGuire.
Finally pictures of the Sleese Range of mountains toward the East and South East.

Dropping down from the summit and fun butt slide.

Following the trail down.

Last pano of the lake bowl.

Last panos well hiking back down the road.

Made it down to the vehicle just as the sun was setting.

It was a awesome hike.