Mount Corriveau

Mount Corriveau can be accessed from different ways.
One is via very old logging roads to a basin just north west of the MacDonald Peak summit.
Another route is a not very well known flagged route some where going up Mount Corriveau's north west ridge.
The last route is the way I went coming from MacDonald Peak via the Radium Lake Trail from Chilliwack Lake Campground.

A look at Mount Corriveau hiking up from Radium Lake toward the col of Mount Webb and MacDonald Peak.

Above the col heading toward MacDonald Peak showing the southern ridge of Mount Corriveau and Radium Lake below.

Corriveau's double summits. The closest is the actual summit and the other is a subsummit.

Panoramo of the scenery toward the north west, north and north east.

It was late and the sun was setting so I camped on the western ridge just below MacDonald Peak.

Woke to a curious ptarmigan, I guess he bedded down not far from me.

There was patchy clouds around and Corriveau was partially covered as well as other mountains toward the north not far from Williams Peak.

Lingering clouds along the Rexford Mountain Range toward the west.

Heading down the ridge I was camped on and Mount Baker visible in the distance.

View of the basin I have to cross to get to the ridge that goes to Mount Corriveau's summit.

Looking back at the ridge I came down.

Snow pack stream winding through the Heather and rocks.

Another look back where I spent the night on the ridge.

The streams became ponds.

Near the top of the ridge looking at the summit.

Views down the Radium Lake Creek Valley.

The ridge is easy to hike and there is a game trail along the top of most of it.

Looking back again and MacDonald Peak in all it's glory.

Panorama of Rexford, Sleese, and Border Peaks.

Williams left and snow patched Goetz to it's right and right closer is all rock Porcupine and behind is Mount Northgraves.
Right of Northgraves and the peak furthest right with snow patches on it is Jeffrey Peak and barely peeking just behind Jeffrey's left shoulder is Mount Hansen.
Left of Mount Hansen and the double looking peaks far behind on the horizon betweeen Jeffrey and Northgraves is Isolillock and Silver Peaks with Hope Mountain rounded and farthest back right.

In this picture the view is of three mountain ridges.
In front starting right to left is Mount Rexford and Nesakwatch Spires behind and lower left is South Rexford and Batholith Peaks.
Between them and the next mountain ridge behind is famous Mount Sleese and just left of it is Station D Peak and way left the small bump is Labour Day Summit,
Behind Labour Day Summit on the farthest mountain ridge is Canadian Border Peak right and American Border Peak left.
Above the center of the glacier just showing it's top is Tomyhoi Peak and left of it closer the pointed highest left summit is Mount Larrabee and the lower bump to it's left is The Pleiades East summit.

Another picture like the one above of Williams Peak and surrounding mountains and peaks.

Some wild flowers.

The only cruz along the ridge getting by this notch which was not hard, just stay lower to the left on the ridge from this direction.

Good picture of the Rexford Mountain Range below.
Start from the highest branch and going right Mount Rexford South and Batholith Peaks and the tiny pillar of rock just right and below Rexford South is called Pi Pillar.
Next right and highest is Mount Rexford and right of it maybe some of the Nesakwatch Spires and then farthest right is the Illusion Peaks.
Everything on this range is stupidly named in my opion. There is Rexford South and Batholith peaks so close they maybe one and the same with Rexford and Nesakwatch Spires, which is which and it looks like maybe one spire so where does spires come in and the same with Illusion Peaks, only one is named that, so what gives, why is it named peaks?

Looking back again and at this aspect of MacDonald Peak.

This is Flora Peak and you can see the Gargoyles lower down on it's left ridge.

The highest summit left of center is Mount Lindeman and right in the bottom of the saddle is Bear Mountain and right highest point out of the saddle is Hanging Lake Peak.

The old logging roads in Center Creek Valley.

Looking at the picture below is of the very south end of Center Creek Valley which ends into the States.
On the left the highest round bump is Hanging Lake Peak and then going right at the end of the valley and upper left the next highest bump is Middle Peak.
The valley end center is the ridge that joins Middle Peak left and the lower flatter Mount Cope and right of it behind on the horizon is Silesia Ridge which is the south end of the Sleese Mountain Range.

Interesting view.

We scared each other but he ran and I didn't, thankfully he ran the other way.

Looking back at MacDonald again with Lindeman peeking up in the saddle.

Looking at the Rexford Range again with maybe Guardian Peak and Disillusion Peak on the right side of some of the pictures below with Sleese behind them.

MacDonald left, Lindeman center and Hanging Lake peak right.

Looking at Mount Webb by itself in the first picture below and then it also shows in the other picture left with MacDonald center right and Lindeman on the right side of the picture.

At the summit of Mount Corriveau and the cairn on the prominant boulder.

Looking at Center Creek Valley top to bottom.

The first picture below is showing from left to right, Illusion Peaks, Guardian Peak and Disillusion Peak.
Behind Guardian Peak is Mount Slesse and dropping steeply down to the right is Parkes and Crossover Peaks.
The bottom right picture is just the Rexford Peaks.

Posing for a picture at the true summit and getting ready to go to the subsumit.
It looks higher from there but the maps mark this bump as the summit.

On the way there I found this great flintstones chair and it took a few tries to get on it before the timer ran out and took the picture. Ya-ba-da-ba-do! : )

More pictures on the way to the other summit and Chilliwack Lake Campground and Lake coming into view.

Closer picture below across the Chilliwack Valley of Williams left and dropping way down right showing a bit of Goetz and right again in the far distance Isolillock amd Silver all peaks so far and then closer highest right of center is Northgraves and to it's right is Jeffrey Peak and the three humps in front are part of Porcupine Peak with it's summit being the hump left in front of Northgraves.

Looking below across the Chilliwack Valley again at the very long Ford Mountain Ridge. Ford Mountain summit is the highest point on the left side of the ridge.
Behind it's summit on the left side of the picture also the low mountain is called Mount Laughington and way right of it is the Cheam Mountain Range made up of mostly all peaks.
The first squared off dark peak on the left is called Lady or Dogface Peak and continuing right is Knight Peak and then the pointed Baby Munday Peak is next and then The Still.
The highest pointed peak is Welch Peak and Foley Peak is next highest and pointed on the right side and then dropping way down and going way right the snow patched cloud covered peak is Conway.

Now looking over Webb ridge and across hidden Chilliwack Lake at the three highest mountains in the distance starting from left going right is Klesilkwa Mountain and then Whitworth and Finlayson Peaks and Thompson Peak farthest right in the back. The rocky cliff face in front right is Mount Meroniuk and left is Paleface Mountain and left and behind it is Custer Ridge Mountain in the middle with most of the clouds above it's cliffy face left and in front of Whitworth Peak.

A great looking rock to camp under. Either end gives shelter from the rain and you don't need a tent.

Pictures of Chilliwack Campground and that end of Chilliwack Lake and Flora Peak behind with the Silvertip Mountain Range as a backdrop from the Skagit Valley.

In this panorama Flora Peak is left and Mount Wittenberg is right behind it. The far mountains and peaks on the horizon are starting left going right is Mount Payne and the lower bump is Sumallo Peak. The higher one next is Mount Rideout and on the far right in the clouds is Silvertip Mountain and closer way over to the right side of the picture is Klesilkwa Mountain.

View of Post Creek and a tiny blue Lindeman Lake can be seen nestled in it.

Panorama showing all the mountains and peaks previously named in the above pictures.

Another look at Mount Webb across the Radium Lake Valley.

A closer look at the Cheam Mountain Range behind part of Ford and Williams Ridge.

Looking down the west side at the beginning of Center Creek Valley.

I am on the highest spot of the subsummit.

Getting ready to start back and looking at the main summit where I am heading and it does look a little higher from this subsummit.

The first two picture left below are the same as other pictures previously shown above and all those peaks and mountains are already named.
But the right picture below is showing mountains and peaks that have not been named so starting from right front and going left is Delusion Peak and behind it is Mount Pierce and going left from it in the back is Mount MacFarlane and left of that is Crossover Peak.

In this large panorama below from the SW, west and NW almost all the mountains and peaks have already been labelled in the pictures above.
To see how they are related to each other I will name them all again in the pano and more that have been added in the view.
Starting in the far back left corner is Mount Baker,
In this picture the view is of three mountain ridges mentioned above with a couple of extras.
In front starting right to left is Delusion Peak, Disillusion Peak, Guardian Peak and Illusion Peaks and next is Mount Rexford and Nesakwatch Spires behind and lower left is South Rexford and Batholith Peaks and that pretty well ends the Rexford Mountain Range which is closest.
The next range behind is the Sleese Mountain Range and going right to left again is Mount Pierce, Mount MacFarlane, Crossover Peak, Parkes Peak and the famous Mount Slesse and just left of it is Station D Peak and way left the small bump is Labour Day Summit.
Behind and left of Sleese with Labour Day Summit in front of them in the middle on the farthest mountain ridge is Canadian Border Peak right and American Border Peak left. Above the center of the glacier just showing it's top is Tomyhoi Peak and left of it closer the pointed highest left summit is Mount Larrabee and the lower bump to it's left is The Pleiades East summit.
On the right side of the picture far back in the distance is the low long ridge which consists of Mount Mercer at it's center highest point and then way to the left is the next bump called Mount Thurston and last bump on the left is the summit of Elk Mountain at the head of Chilliwack River Valley.

A much closer view of MacDonald and the ridge on the right where I spent the night and will stay again before leaving in the morning.

One last look at the Rexford and Sleese Mountain Ranges before the night comes in.

The final panarama.