Mount Edgar

Mount Edgar is the mountain on the SE end of Chilliwack Lake.
It is the only mountain between Paleface Creek Valley on it's north side and Depot Creek on it's south side.
It is very seldom scrambled and I know of only four summits done on it in many years.
To get to it turn left at the Vedder Bridge in Sardis well going toward Cultus Lake.
Then stay on the Chilliwack River Valley road to Chilliwack Lake campground and continue straight on down the dirt road.
This road has a history of pot holes, some years better than others depending if it gets some grading done on it or not.
This dirt road stays on the east side of Chilliwack Lake and goes as far as Depot Creek bridge near the south end of the lake.
There are three ways to start up this mountain.
I went up the Paleface Creek FSR and found where it branched toward the creek and then crossed it. Then it zig-zagged up the mountain side and was well grown over with alders.
Then I went up a ridge closer back toward the lake and continued up it's western ridge and came back down a series of rock slides and met the road again.
There is another good starting spot just past the Paleface Creek bridges that basically gets to new growth and then gets to the western ridge that way.
Another route up it that I heard maybe in the making is from Depot Creek Valley some where. I will update this when I hear more about it.

Small stream by the FSR.

Shrew just before the place to cross the creek and get on the FSR going up the mountain.

Views lower down along the way.

Looking at Chilliwack Lake ahead just before I turned left and hiked up a steep north ridge to meet the main western ridge.

It had been raining lightly up the valley and was now showing a rainbow.

Looking down at the FSR I had walked on and Paleface Creek.

Pictures as I made it to the main ridge.

Steep gully with a loose large rock near it's top that could dislodge and hit some one that may be attempting to climb up the gully.

The ridge makes a turn here and Mount Edgar is in full view ahead.

The pictures above of the stream were taken where the gully crosses the road in the picture below.
Toward the right side of the picture the fork in the road that crosses the creek can be seen and the over grown zig zagging FSR that I followed up the mountain is visible also.

To get by this rock bluff there is a nice narrow access route on the left side.

Now that I am on the narrow western ridge I can look down the south side as well as the north side by walking a few feet from one side to the other.
Looking down at the south end of Chilliwack Lake.

Picture left below is looking north and the picture right below is looking south.

Panorama of Chilliwack Lake.

Picture of the South Chilliwack River delta and Depot Creek delta as they drain into Chilliwack Lake.

More pictures of Chilliwack Lake looking north by north west.

On the highest point of the western ridge.

Decided to spend the night on this subridge summit.
No sleeping bag and camping gear just snuggled up to the heather and fell asleep after waiting for the sunset photo op.

Some random pictures well waiting for night to come.

Starting of the sunset with some alpine glow.

Then sudden darkness started.

Now the sunset started in it's full glory.
Panoramas with some pictures in them below the panos.

Pictures below are in the panorama below them.

Morning and the sun is rising and lighting up the tops of the mountains.

Dropping down off the ridge summit heading toward Mount Edgar's summit.

Got a look back where the ridge turned at Mount Lindeman center right in Canada and Middle Peak center left in the US in the left picture below. Came across some large Boletus mushrooms on the ridge in the center picture below.
Large tarn or pond below the north side of the ridge in the right picture below.

Looking back at the ridge summit I spent the night on.

View of the mountains toward the south which are all in Washington State.

View of the mountains toward the south west which are all in Washington State.

More randon pictures along the way.

Pictures of Depot Creek Valley.

Getting higher now and another look back where I spent the night.

These are all the mountains and peaks north and east in Canada.

Now high enough to see above and beyond where I spent the night on the ridge of Chilliwack Lake and mountains that are in Canada toward the west except Middle Peak on left side of the right picture below which is in the US.

Great views all around.

Looking north toward the Cheam Range Mountains with Welch and Foley Peaks in the distance and more broad pointed Williams Peak right of them in the left picture below and Mount Webb which is in the NW corner of Chilliwack Lake in the right picture.

Left picture below showing Copper Mountain with the very pointed tip top of Mount Shuksan behind it and Mount Baker right in the picture and the right picture shows Nodoubt Peak center right and behind in the center is Bear Mountain.

In the below left picture is showing the Mox Peaks on the far left side of it and going right from them is Mount Redoubt and the rest of the right side of the picture and the other two pictures below are showing the same mountains that are in the pictures above.

First two pictures below are showing the south end of Chilliwack Lake and the small pointed mountain above the snow is Middle Peak in Washington State, US and the mountain to the right is Mount Lindeman in British Columbia, Canada.
Below and left of Middle Peak nestled in that bowl is Hanging Lake which is split in two because the Canada, United States Border cuts through it. Below the lake is what is called the bush bowl and near the bottom left in the bush bowl is the small tree stand. Right up the hill from the tree stand in the trees is the campsite well going to Hanging Lake.
In the right picture below is Mount Lindeman left and MacDonald Peak right side of that picture.

The rocky topped mountain right of the ridge I spent the night on is called Mount Meroniuk.

The target and my distination straight ahead.

Getting closer to Mount Edgar's summit.

The final drop before ascending the summit.

No where to go but up now.

Panorama well ascending the last stretch to the summit.

Finally on Mount Edgar's summit.
This is the second time I ascended this mountain. The first time I got there just as the sun was setting and made a hasty retreat down through the rock slides.

This panorama is full of peaks and mountains in BC.
Starting left going right is MacDonald Peak and going right is Mount Webb on the west side of Chilliwack Lake and then right and low is Mount Laughington and right again farthest back is the prominent peaks of the Cheam Range with Welch Peak left and Foley Peak right and closer right is the dull rocky pointed Williams Peak.
Dropping down right of Williams Peak is Goetz Peak and right again is Porcupine Peak. Then farthest back is Mount Northgraves and right of it is Jeffrey Peak farthest back in the center of the pano.
Directly in front of and almost hiding Mount Northgraves is Flora Peak and the closest rock face looking mountain in the front middle of the pano is Mount Meroniuk and right of it slightly farther back is Paleface Mountain and right of it higher and also right of Jeffrey peak is Mount Wittenberg with the tan colored rock and going way right on the long ridge is Mount Holden at the end of that ridge and right of it far back looks like Mount Grant in the Skagit Valley.
Right of Holden and Grant is the subsummit and main summit of Klesilkwa Mountain, then going way right just behind the ridge in the forefront is Custer Ridge Mountain with it's prominent rock face. The mountains and peaks in the far back drop on the right horizon are the Payne and Silvertip Range on the east side of the Silver Skagit Valley.

In this panorama below these mountains and peaks are mostly in Washington State.
At the very left edge of the picture are some of the Mox Peaks and right is Mount Redoubt and right and behind is Bear Mountain and close again right is Nodoubt Peak. Next right lower and way back is Indian Mountain and then way back again is Mount Blum and to it's right is Mineral Mountain. Dropping down to the lowest mountain ridge on the whole pano is Copper Ridge with connecting trails all the way to Hannigan Peak and the South Chilliwack River Valley and the white covered peak behing in the distance of this ridge is Icy Peak.
Going way right of Icy Peak and much closer is Copper Mountain and the sharpe point peeking from behind above it is Mount Shuksan. That whole mountainous ridge in the forefront center of the pano is Copper Mountain coldera and almost forms a complete circle. To the right of the coldera is the unmistakable Mount Baker and going far right and much closer is the small pointed peak of Middle Peak with lots of snow pack on it's front face and Hanging Lake nestled in the small bowl below it and that ends the mountains and peaks that are in Washington State, US.
Right of Middle Peak and in British Columbia, Canada is Mount Lindeman and then to the far right edge of the pano is MacDonald Peak and behind the long ridge between Lindeman and MacDonald are the Rexford and Sleese Mountain Ranges with some of their peaks and mountains sticking up.

More scenic pictures of the area on the right side of the panorama picture above.

This dead tree is pointing in the correct route direction from where I came from and going back to.

Looking back at the summit I was at.

More random pictures well leaving.

More pictures of the tarn or pond.

Another look back well going up the ridge to the subsummit.

Hiking up the ridge with lots of rest stops so may as well take more pictures.

One last panorama of the approach to Mount Edgar.

Incremental pictues well getting farther away from Mount Edgar's summit hiking up the western ridge going north westerly.

Almost at the top of the ridge summit.

Panoramas and picture of possible future access routes to this ridge.

Progressively going down the ridge.

Views of Paleface Valley below.

Last pictures looking north from the ridge before I drop down the south side.

Pictures of the two Doubts.

Going down toward Depot Creek.

Zoom over the ridge hoping to see a good picture of Middle Peak from this aspect.

Making good progress going down as shown in the pictures.

Getting closer and better views of Hanging Lake nestled below Middle Peak.

Was making good progress down this far and then was forced to travel along the side of the mountain going up the valley away from where I wanted to go.

Made a big u-turn and took a few pictures along the way when I could.

Back ontrack and not far to get down now.

Almost to the valley floor.

Then I got on a old overgrown FSR and as I was following it down I could see the bridge that goes over Depot Creek and I knew I would be on the main road soon.

This is a fun mountain to hike up and has fantastic views from all directions especially from the ridge.
Hopefully there will be a trail or good route established up this mountain in the future.