Elk Mountain
Seasonal Faces

The Elk Mountain Trail hike is the most popular hike in the Chilliwack Hiking District.
It is also the only place I have experienced rain coming up from below and hitting under my chin before my face. In other words it rained up not down.
It is also a great all season hike so I have hiked it during all the seasons and will post pictures comparing them when taken at the same Locations but during a different time of the year.

From the Freeway or Highway #1, take the Prest Road exit #123 and head south and follow it to the second four-way stop, then turn left on to Bailey Road and follow it to a fork, then turn right going steeply up Elkview Road. Stay on Elkview Road as it winds it's way up the mountain past Ryder Lake turn off. At a 3-way stop sign, keep going straight. After approximately 20 minutes of driving the road turns to gravel. Continue on it for about a kilometer to what looks like a parking spot on the left.
Park here and the trailhead is at the right side of the parking area. It may be possible to go up a logging road and start on the trail from above.
The lower part of the trail has been changed since they logged there.

Deer I seen when driving to the trail head.

Here are some pictures before they logged when every one was trying to save the trail.
These pictures are from at the original parking area.

Pictures along the way up the trail.

Trail at the stairs with the first good view point above. Nice flowers there in the Spring.

Up on the rocky view point.

This is the most colorful part of the trail in the late Spring. Going higher for more views.

Assortment of all weather and all seasons pictures looking across the Fraser Valley at mountains in the distance of West Harrison Range, with Mount Clark farthest East and going left or West are Mount Bardean, Mount Ratney, Stonerabbit Peak, and a large host of other mountains and peaks and then farther left or West is Mount Judge Howay, Mount Kranrod, Mount Robie Reid and Golden Ears farthest prominentto feature to the left or West in the distance.
Closer and just across the Valley and in the Fraser Valley are starting from right or East and going left or West again are Mount Agassiz, Mount Woodside, Sasin Peak, Deroche Mountain, Nicomen Mountain, Dewdney Peak and on the Valley floor Chilliwack and Sumas Mountains.

These are a the pictures showing the mountains listed above with the pano below looking toward them all.

Views of the Fraser Valley with Chilliwack and Sumas Mountains in it.

Paragliders and the beginning of Chilliwack Valley and access to Cultus Lake.

Picturess of the seasons at Cultus Lake, Vedder Mountain, part of International Ridge, Church Mountain, beginning of Chilliwack Valley floor and where the Chilliwack River turns into the Vedder River.

Chilliwack River Valley pictures and pictures of Church Mountain above these valley pictures.
Comparing the same areas during the different seasons.
Spring, Fall, Summer in this part of Chilliwack River Valley.

Above the valley looking at Church Mountain during different seasons and weather.

Seasonal and weather pictures of the valley floor.

Fall and early Winter pictures of the same hill side. Snow line is evident on the side of the mountain.

Back to down in the valley seasonal and weather pictures.
Spring and Summer.

Wet Spring.

Summer, Spring, Sunny, Fall and Rainy.

The entire area of pictures above are covered by this pano.
Below this clould is the city, community, township, rivers, lake, valleys, mountains and above are many mountain tops and everything is labeled in the pictures above.

Liumchen Mountain in center back and Church on right.

Mount Baker left and Liumchen Mountain right.

Going left to right is Mount Baker then Liumchen, and Church Mountains.

Mount Baker and Liumchen Mountain right of it.

Mount Baker.

Mount McGuire left and Mount Baker right along with pictures of Chilliwack Valley floor below McGuire.

Mount McGuire.

Mount Shuksan left and way back in picture and then coming closer right is Tomyhoi Peak with the glacier on top then closest is Mount McGuire and Mount Baker right and behind McGuire.
Mount McGuire is in Canada and the rest are in the US.

Tomyhoi Peak left and Mount McGuire right.

Canadian Border Peak on far left and to it's right much lower in front is Borden Peak and then above and farthest back is Mount Shuksan and right beside it is Tomyhoi Peak.

Same mountains as picture above except Mount Shuksan is not very visable but now on the left side of the picture the highest pointed peak is called American Border Peak.

Again same mountains and peaks as pictures above but now seen on left the lower and flatter peak called The Pleiades can be see in these pictures.
In front and way lower down of Canadian Border Peak is Borden Peak (Unofficial).

Same group of mountains and peaks as in above picture but from higher up Mount Shuksan can now be seen just left behind Tomyhoi.
All the Mountains in the picture are in the States except Canadian Border Peak and Borden Peak.

Basically same mountains and peaks as pictures above but this time on the left far distance Mount Challenger can be seen in the US with Whatcom Peak in front of it.

More of the same as above but this time Mount Borden (Unofficial) can clearly be seen as the much lower mountain in front in the pictures below.

Group pictures of the mountains and peaks above and the flowers that grow where the second picture was taken.

Heading to the cairn which is on one of the bumps in the middle of the picture.
Elk Peak is actually already passed but a real hike up Elk also includes the cairn bump.
In the picture the highest point on the left is Mount Thurston and left of Nick's right arm is Mount Slesse.

In pictures below are left to right the very pointed peak is Slesse Mountain and way back Mount Challenger and Whatcom Peak in from of it and right of them is The Pleiades and just right of it is the Border Peaks with the little knob of Borden Peak below them and to the right some more is Mount Tomyhoi behind McGuire's eastern ridge.

Pictures along the way to the cairn.

Asssortment of Slesse and Rexford ranges of mountains and peaks showing below.
They are all in the first picture below so I will name those mountains and peaks and different groups of them will be in the other pictures below.
Starting left to right again, is Mount Pierce and right farther back are Mount Rexford and right the Nesakwatch Spires and then closer and to the right back on the Slesse Range is Mount MacFarlane, Crossover Peak, Mount Parkes, and then the big finger in the middle of the picture is Slesse Mountain and right beside it is Station D Peak, and way in the distance Whatcom Peak with Mount Challenger behind it.

At the cairn.

More views from the cairn and Slesse Creek Valley in bottom right picture.

Heading toward Mount Thurston to get some views of the Cheam Mountain Range.

Views up the Fraser Valley and the Cheam Range.

Looking across the Fraser Valley before heading up Thurston..

Heading up Mount Thurston aways to get a better look at the Cheam Mountain Range.
Mount Thurston summit behind Nick in last picture on the right below.

Heading toward the adjacent ridge that connects to the Cheam Range.

The Cheam Mountain Range, the mountain and peak name are by picture below starting from the left picture.
On the right side of the first picture is Mount Archibald.
In the middle picture below is Mount Archibald left and right from it is Cheam Peak and Lady Peak (Dog Face), on the right. The old name was Dog Face because when heading east on Trans Canada Highway No.1 it looks like a dogs head.
In the bottom right picture is Lady Peak left of the tree and going right is Knight Peak, then Baby Munday, next Stewart Peak, stilll going right is The Still and then last on the right is Welch Peak.

View toward the same direction when cloudy and in the Winter.

Some of the road system in the upper Chipmunk Creek Valley.

Heading back and delicate ferns.

The middle bump has the cairn on it and the bump farthest to the right is Elk's summit.

Hiking toward the first bump with more views of the Fraser Valley.

Back on the first bump well heading back and taking in the views down the Chilliwack Valley.

Winter panos of Chilliwck Valley and the Cheam Mountain Range.

Coming down that bump and heading to the next.
Dirt bikers also heading back on the trail.

Heading to the bump with the large cairn on it.

Next destination Elk Mountain summit showing in some of the pictures below.

At the end of the ridge trail and going back down the mountain into the forest and the parking area.

On one trip well trying to go right through to Cheam Peak the strap on the backpack broke and I had to create this make shift strap from a small piece of cord I had.

As I mentioned at the beginning this is probably the most hiked trail in the Chilliwack area.
There always seems to be new sights and pictures to be taken because of the weather and season changes.
Be careful of vandalism at the parking lot.
Also when it is hot bring plenty of liquids because there is no water up there and none in the upper Chipmunk Creek area also.
I rate this trip as great because of all the scenery and can be hiked or snow-shoed throughout the year.