Four Brothers Mountain
Unsuccessful Summit

Four Brothers Mountain can be access from Highway 1 between Chilliwck and Hope at the NE corner of Mount Cheam or from Jones, (Wahleach), Lake.
I decided to try to get to it from Jones Lake figuring that there would be less elevation. It is less elevation gain but farther to get to.

Jones, (Wahleach), Lake.

Jones, (Wahleach), Lake is dammed and when you walk down the gated road on the right or North side of the lake you will see the pump house which pumps it's water through the mountain to a power generator by the Highway to supply power for the small rural areas near it.

You can see where the pipe is submerged in the lake where the water is being pumped into the pump house and the map shows where it goes through the mountain.

The road ends at the pump house so I tried to follow the shore hoping to find an accessible route up the mountain.
Nothing looked to appealing and I remembered I passed a old road going up the mountain so I back tracked and started up that road.

Soon it came to a gully and I decided to follow it staying on the right side of it going up.
I was starting to get some good views now.

Looking across the lake and zooming into a ridge that may be a good access route to Mount Barr.

Hiking higher up the mountain and great views of the lake and mountains.

Eventually it started to open up and it looked like I was getting near the top of a bump.

As expected there was a bump ahead and it showed there was a road there also so that is where I went.

On the road and nice views of the east side of the Cheam Mountain Range.

It was surprising and shocking to see Moose droppings so close to Chilliwack.
I never heard of Moose ever being around here before.

The road is deteriated a lot and huge slabs slide down onto it.

There was a lot of cloud cover most of the day and it looked like a good apportunity now to get some pictures of this side of the Cheam Ramge Mountains.
Conway Peak

Subpeak of Foley Peak.

Foley Peak.

Welch Peak.

The Still.

Stewart Peak.

Baby Munday.

Pano with mountains labelled.

Knight Peak.

Pano with the mountains labelled on it.
Mountains not shown in the pano of the rest of the Cheam Range is Conway Peak that would be to the left and to the right would be Lady Peak which was known as Dogface because coming from Vancouver it looks like the side of a Great Danes head, and right of it is Cheam Peak.
This is the back side of the mountains you see when coming from Vancouver just past Chilliwack.

Coming down I see there was previous shake block harvesting and see this also maybe used to help get the shake blocks down the mountain.

I went back for a second attempt hoping to snow-shoe up the mountain.
The lake was pretty well frozen over then.

The pully in the picture above is on the mountain side above this gravel pit along the road.

It was a horrible day with wet heavy snow switching to a solid down pour from time to time and it was almost continously socked in.
When I got to the road I was on before, I took another road that branched off it that I thought would be the best route down but it became mostly all washed out farther down and a continuous creek.
It wound all over the place and must have been about 15 kilometers long crossing creeks with washed out bridges and not even visible in many places.
In many places the only way I knew the direction was to follow surveyors thread that was just visible with my head lamp in the dark.
I was very cold and wet and I got back to my car around 11:00 pm. at night, a totally miserable trip.

I wish I had owned a GPS back then, it would have been interesting to see what route I took following that surveyors thin white thread.
I will be going back to complete this some day but this time it will be in nice weather and I may spend the night up there and check out those small lakes.