Lady Peak (Dog Face)

Lady Peak is the mountain beside Sleese Peak and is a bit of a climb to summit which is why hundreds of hikers will hike up to Cheam Peak and hardly any will climb up Lady Peak which is a branch off the very same trail.
To get to it is the same way to get to Cheam Peak Trail. So with a high clearance vehicle or 4X4 follow the Chilliwack River Road and eventually turn left off it just after the Ford Mountain Correctional Institute onto Foley Creek FSR and left again onto Chipmunk Creek FSR and stay right on it where it meets the Bench Road and continue up the Chipmunk Creek Valley to the Cheam Peak Trail parking lot.

Panorama of Cheam left and Lady right before the parking lot which is on the other side of the swath of trees ahead.
Dave and I taking pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.

Starting out from the parking lot.
To ascend Lady take the left side in the right picture below.

Above the main trail and third picture below is showing the shortcut path to the Cheam Trail from the Lady approach.

Cheam Peak and the portrait shows how the connector trail joins the Cheam trail.

Looking across the small valley at the ridge on the other side and our route up from the main trail.

High enough now and panarama getting in some good pictures to the north.

Having a bit of a rest and great photo op of the Fraser River and Harrison Lake.

Good picture of the Cheam trail as it zig-zags up toward the peak.

Looking at Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs Communities.

Can you find the Ptarmigans in the pictures below.

Panorama close up of Cheam, Fraser Valley, Harrison Lake and Bear Mountain in front of the lake .
The second panarama shows Cheam and it's ridge that goes left to Mount Archibald with the narrow swath of trees where the parking lot is. Thewre is more road past the parking lot which gated off and is now part of the Cheam trail.

Looking down at Spoon Lake and down the valley at the roads we drove up on.

Pictures showing our progress as we hike up the mountain.

Panorama showing the Fraser Valley above the Archibald/Cheam ridge.

Dave hiking up from below.

Along the way going up.

More great views well ascending.

Rock work along the way that we have to scramble and pass.

At the Big V and Jones Lake (Wahleach) behind and below.

Set of pictures along the way to the peak.

Picture and panorama of the mountains, rivers, lakes and the majestic Fraser Valley.

Final ascent to the summit block and on top of the peak.

Some pictures from the peak and of the next peak over called Knight Peak.

Posing beside the summit cairn.

Looking north easterly from the peak.

View easterly from the peak.

Now looking south easterly from the peak.

Panning from the west to the north west from Lady Peak.

This set of pictures are from the north west to the north east from the peak.

Panning from the north east to the south east.

Some close ups of the views in the pictures above.

Looking down at Spoon Lake from the peak.

Total 360 degree panorama showing starting from the left close is Mount Archibald and Vedder Mountain behind it with part of Cultus Lake showing left and right below Vedder Mountain is the community of Yarrow and coming back is the community of Sardis and then looking in the distance the larger small mountain left of the Fraser River is Taggart Peak left and the highest part is Sumas Mountain's summit. The very small mountain closer and right of Sumas Mountain is Chilliwack Mountain and the city of Chilliwack is right and in front of it.
Looking across the Fraser River the last mountain on the left side is Dewdney Peak and right of it is Pattison Peak and then next right is Nicomen Mountain and east of it is Deroche Mountain with the highest two mountains on the horizon is Mount Robie Reid left and to it's right the twin peaks of Mount Judge Howay. Next just over Cheam's ridge and left of it's peak is Mount Woodside and on it's right end is Mount Agassiz hidden behind Cheam's Peak which is in the forefront.
Right of Cheam's Peak is Harrison Lake and the white snow capped mountain in the distance is Mount Breakenridge behind Long Island and much closer just on the other side of the Fraser River is Bear Mountain and right side of it behind is Slollicum Peak and right of it much closer touching the other side of the river is Mount Hicks.
Back on this side of the right closer and right of Mount Hick is Mount Ludwig behind Four Brothers Mountain which is in front. Next far behind back of Ludwig is Dog Mountain and coming closer again a small part of Jones Lake is visible and the very long ridge of Mount Barr is behind it with Sowerby Peak on the right end and behind it's long ridge is the two close peaks of Isolillock and Silver and right of them the rock face block is Wells Peak.
The mountains on the horizon may be, starting left to right is Tulameen Mountain and then MacLeod Peak, Mount Hatfield, Mount Manson, Mount Grant closer and the highest in that part of the horizon is Mount Outram and right of it in the very far distance is Mount Dewdney and right of it is Snass Mountain coming much closer right of Outram is Eaton Peak and closer left of Eaton is Mount Ling. Right and behind the closest ridge is Jeffrey Peak and on the close ridge the small bump with the grey rock and snow is Conway Peak and behind to it's right at the left edge of the close mountain peak in front is Mount Northgraves and the farthest highest group of mountains on the horizon left of the close peak which is Stewart Peak are the Silvertip Mountain group.
Stewart Peak is the next closest peak in line of Knight Peak. It looks like it is part of Knight Peak but it is actually left and behind it and to it's right and behind Knight Peak is a tiny tip of Baby Munday Peak and right of it the higher pointed top peak behind Knight Peak is Welch Peak which is the highest peak in the Cheam Mountain Range.
Going right of Knight Peak above it's grey area on it's right upper side are Custer Ridge Peak and Mount Spickard and right is the Mox Peaks and the highest pointed is Mount Redoubt and coming much closer and in front of Redoubt is Mount Webb and right front of Well is Mount Corriveau and behind it is MacDonald Peak and to it's right is Mount Lindeman, behind Lindeman's left shoulder is Bear Mountain and right of Lindeman is Hanging Lake Peak and right of it the highest in the distant horizon is Luna Peak and right of it closer is Middle Peak and right again closer is a head on view to the Rexford Mountain Range consisting of the Illusions and Nesakwatch Spires and behind right of them is the glacier covered Mount Challenger. Looking up the Nesakwatch Creek Valley left is Mount Cope and the ridge right with the bump on it is Silesia Ridge which is the south end of the Sleese Mountain Range.
Going farther right almost to the Sleese towers is the low rounded dark bump of Labour Day Summit and right is the first lower tower of Station D Peak and the highest to it's right beside it is Sleese Mountain and in front of it going right is Mount Parkes, Crossover Peak, Mount MacFarlane and to it's left front is Mount Pierce.
To the right of Sleese is the long climbing ridge that ends at the pointed peak at it's right end is called Mount Shuksan on the far horizon and closer in front of it is The Peiades and still going right is Mount Larrabee and then tallest under the cloud is American Border Peak and then Canadian Border Peak and right again is the glaciated volcanoe looking top of Tomyhoi Peak above and behind the big rock in front in the picture and lower and to the right of the rock is Borden Peak and Spencer Peak on Five Mile Ridge with Mount Baker in the clouds and way right of it far back on the horizon is the Twin Sisters Mountain and right of it in front is Mount McGuire and right behind in the distance the round dark bump is Church Mountin (US) and right some more Liumchen Mountain, Church Mountain (Canada), behind far right of the pano is Isar Mountain and Mount Amadis.
I have left the last lower mountains that are in the front of the pano for last so on the right side of the pano going left is Elk Mountain and Thurston Peak left of them and right of the rocky summit I am on is Mount Mercer and then left of the rocky summit I am on is Mount Laughington and left of it behind slightly that low treed ridge is Ford Mountain.
That is a lot of mountains that can be seen from the top of Lady Peak.

Heading down now and going to Cheam Peak.

Looking back at where we were and a few pictures of Cheam ridge and Mount Archibald and looking toward Vancouver.

Tried to get on Lady Peak again but with some snow on it this time but neede crampons so did not quite get to the summit.

Picture of left to right The Pleiades, Mount Larrabee, American Peak, Canadian Peak and Tomyhoi peaking it's head over Mount Mercer.

Lady with her mink coat on.

Going up Lady and Cheam dressed in white.

On the scree slope.

The going is getting a little tougher now without crampons.

In colder weather the valley smog is less.

On the way up the ridge.

Very steep and a long way down.

Having a rest and taking in some great pictures.

The smog toward Vancouver.

This was where we turned back.

The summit and where we tuned back.

Back on the scree slope.

The sun is setting now and heading back.

Met Drew and Eryne on the way back.

Looking back from where we came.

Some of the sunset shot over the mountain for a short time and I was lucky to stop the vehicle and get this intense alpen glow picture before it was gone.

Well heading down the FSR seen this cross and mining claim marker in the trees.

Picture taken from Chilliwack and you can see why the peak was called Dog Face before.
Lady Peak is the one on the right side of Cheam peak and looks like a Doberman Dog's head.

This is a great scramble and as I said not done to often so when the Cheam Trail is over loaded with hikers this is a great alternative.
Dave and I did Lady and then Cheam and took the Cheam Ridge Trail back to the parking lot and that was truly a stupendous hike, well worth the trip.