Mount Laughington

Mount Laughington is a gradual easy hike that has great views especially of most of the Cheam Mountain Range.
A high vehicle or 4X4 should be used to get to the trailhead because there are some deep cross ditches on the way there.

To get there take the Chilliwack River Road from the turn about before the Chilliwack River Bridge coming from Sardis.
Continue on the Chilliwack River Road until you see the Ford Mountain Correctional Center and cross over the bridge there.

Then just past the bridge turn left onto the Chilliwack Foley Creek FSR and continue and go over the Foley Creek Bridge.

Next turn right at the fork and go on the Foley Creek FSR and cross over another smaller bridge then turn left onto Airplane Creek FSR.

Sometimes the gate maybe closed but if not keep going. I think the gate was closed in the past but is not closed now.

There may also be some rocks on the road.

You will come to some forks in the road so stay right at the first fork and then stay left at the next two forks.
At the last fork is where you park and hiking begins through a overgrown road.
Last time I was there is was nicely groomed so no bushwacking.

The road opens up again and you come to another fork.
Stay left, the right fork is an alternate route to other hikes near the end of Airplane Creek.

As you continue up the road more views will start to show.

Parts of Laughington's ridge will show also.

There maybe more forks, ignore them and stay on the main fork.
Eventually if you are there at the right time huckleberries can be snacked right where the flagged trail starts.

Just after the trail starts there is a slight detour to the right which goes up onto a rocky knoll.

From this knoll there are great views and great picture opportunities.

Just over the knoll is a small pond.

Some pics from the knoll.

Picture below of Lady Peak and pano of the Cheam Range except for Cheam peak itself.

Some pictures southeast and south and other hikers well ascending Laughington's ridge.
A low fog or cloud bank has formed below us.

The medallion near the beginning of the ridge.

Great Fall colours.

This pano shows starting left going right.
Knight Peak, Baby Munday Peak, Stewart Peak farther back, The Still, Welch Peak, and Foley Peak hiding behind Welch.

Set of pictures along the way to the subpeak.

Pictures on the way to the cairn summit.

Posing beside the subsummit cairn.

View of the real summit or peak.

Great fall colors.

Grouse on the overgrown part of the road.

Pics well going back down the road to the parking area.

I have made more trips there and here are more pics under other conditions.

Pictures toward the south of the Border Peaks, Slesse Range and Rexford Group.

Hiking friends posing with different mountains in the cheam Range.

The main peak and why I can't get to it from the subpeak.

From left to right is Mount Archibald behind Laughington going right is Mount Cheam or Cheam Peak,
next right of it is Lady Peak also known as Dog Face because it looks like a Great Danes head from the Freeway,
then comes Knight Peak, and the baby of the Lady and Knight is Baby Munday Peak,
hiding behind and peaking behind left of Munday is Stewart Peak,
right of is The Still and on the other side of the deep snow filled couloir is Welch Peak,
lastly of the visible Cheam Range is Foley Peak.
Farther back to the right of Foley is Mount Northgraves and right of it is Geotz Peak,
and then Williams Peak is the pyramid shaped peak.
The long ridge sweeping down the right side of it is Ford Mountain Ridge and behind it are all the mountains and peaks around Chilliwack Lake.

Cheam left, Lady right.

Knight left and Baby Munday right.

Baby Munday left and Stewart peeking above on the right behind.

The Still left and Welch right.

In left picture below, from left, Lady, Knight, Baby Munday and Stewart at far right edge of the picture.
In right picture below, from left, Baby Munday, Stewart, The Still and Welch.

This picture shows a good chuck of Foley except it's peak.
The much lower peak in the right distance may be the last peak of the Cheam range called Conway Peak.

Williams center between the dead trees.

Looking west at Mount Mercer.

Looking southward at Nesakwatch Creek Valley.

Looking southward at Center Creek Valley.

Some random pictures.

This picture is a trademark for Mount Laughington.

I decided I would try to get to Laughington from Chipmunk Creek FSR branching off the trail that goes to Cheam and Lady.
You can see Laughington across the valley on your right as you drive up to the Cheam Trail parking lot.

Pictures along the way.

Mount Baker

From left to right, The Pleiades, Mount Larrabee, American Border Peak and last on right is Canadian Border Peak.

From left to right, Canadian Border Peak and Tomyhoi Peak.

From left to right, Pleiades, Larrabee, American Border, Canadian Border and Tomyhoi.

America Border, Canadian Border, Tomyhoi and Baker.

Panos of above pictures.

Looking up at Archibald.

Pano of Laughington.

Lady left and Laughington right.

From the Cheam Trail looking back from where I came.

I left the Cheam Trail in the left picture going right trying to get up to the Lady/Laughington ridge but the gullies were to steep and hard to get past so I gave up for now.

Just in the bush from the trail I came across these burial polls to help the dead get their spirit faster to the heavens.

Mount Laughington is a great place to explore and opens up access to other Cheam Range Mountain scrambles from Airplane Creek.