MacDonald Peak

To get to MacDonald Peak go toward Cultus Lake leaving Highway 401 at the Sardis exit going south until you come to what is called the Vedder Bridge and turn left at the round about just before the bridge. This puts you on Chilliwack River Road. Follow it to it's end which will take 40 minutes to an hour depending on time of year and traffic. It is paved right to the north west end of the lake and the pavement stops at Chilliwack Lake Camp Ground.

You can park at the Lindeman Lake parking lot just down the hill from the campground entrance or you can park where the boaters park after they unload their boats. MacDonald Peak is a long hike so check with the campground parks people that are always roaming around the campground for times that the gate may close or if it does close at night.
You can also ask them where the bridge is that goes over the Chilliwack River to the TCT (Trans Canada Trail). It is basically on the south side of the campground.

Cross over the foot bridge and stay on the TCT heading west and just over a kilometer the trail forks.
Go left up the trail which also takes you to Radium Lake, Mount Webb as well as MacDonald Peak.

Some of the bridges you would cross along the way. They may change in the future.

Blurry picture of the trail.
Radium Creek.

First view looking back from where I came from.

The old rotting cabin by Raduim Lake.

Radium Lake.
On one trip I camped over night by the lake but discovered later if you want to do this as a over nighter try and camp at the col between Mount Webb and MacDonald Peak it has wonderful views and is closer to MacDonald Peak.
Follow the trail up the hill past the cabin to continue up to the col.

First view of the north side of MacDonald.

More pictures of it well ascending.

Met up with some hikers coming back just below the col.

More pictures well ascending.

Looking back down at Radium Lake.

Views from the col between Mount Webb and MacDonald Peak.
Mount Webb and Chilliwack Lake can be seen as well as many other peaks, mountains and mountain ranges.

From the col well looking down at Chilliwack Lake Mount Webb is on the left and MacDonald is right.
Continue up to the right and find the best route to gain the ridge. It can be tricky especially when there is not much snow.
The best route is staying right until you get on the ridge then follow the ridge up until you find a suitable place to cross the rock slide below the northwest side of the summit of MacDonald.

Along the way going up.

MacDonald Peak northern aspect.

The destination I am heading for to cross the rock slide to the northwest ridge.

I went far up the ridge to get views toward the southwest.

Starting to cross the mostly snow covered slide.
The Rexford mountain group looking west.

Looking northwest from the northwest ridge.

Mount Corriveau and Williams Peak.

Pictures along the way to the peak.

Panorama toward the east.

Looking down toward Chilliwack Lake.

Rexford mountains.

Ptarmigan family.

Looking northwest to part of the Cheam Range.

Radium Lake again.

Mount Corriveau southern aspect.

View north is Williams Peak left highest peak, right with white patch is Geotz Peak,
right again lower bald peak is call Goat or Porcupine Peak,
right of it in the clouds is Mount Northgraves and right of it near the edge of the picture is Jeffrey Peak.

View east right front is Paleface Mountain and left at the end of it's ridge is Paleface NE,
Behind Paleface is Klesilkwa S1 and left behind is Klesilkwa Mountain,
the Silvertip Range is the backdrop in the picture.

View south southeast is Mount Edgar left side of picture.
The Spikard Range is in the clouds in the background across the border.

Approaching the summit block.

Posing beside the summit cairn.

Panning from the north east to the south east.

Pano view toward the south.

Pano toward the east around the south and to the southwest.

Looking west is Batholith Peak left and Mount Rexford right front,
with Nesakwatch Spires right and Guardian Peak with the Illusions front right.
Station D Peak, Slesse Mountain outlined behind and to their right,
are Crossover Peak, Mount MacFarlanr, and Mount Pierce far right in the picture.
Lastly far left is Mount Larrabee and right of it is the Border Peaks, American and Canadian,
Tomyhoi Peak is between Larrabee and American Border Peak across the border.

Looking southward the two prominent mountains in the distance are Mount Shuksan left and Mount Baker right.
The rest in between are too numerous to name and hard to distinguish.

Left picture has Mount Lindeman right side of the picture and going left is Indian Mountain,
left of it with the large glacier on it is Mount Challenger and the highest at the far left is Luna Peak.
In the center picture going right from Lindeman in front is Hanging Lake Peak and just right of it is Middle Peak and Shuksan far right in the picture.
The right picture has much of the last except in the center way back is Copper Mountain and behind it on the horizon is Mount Blum.

Left picture across Chilliwack Lake left is Paleface Mountain and Mount Meroniuk, right of them is Paleface Creek Valley.
Center picture is Meroniuk and Edgar left and right of Paleface Creek and behind Edgar is Mount Daly and left of it is Thompson Peak.
In the left middle of the picture is Custer Ridge and the brown mountains behind center are Whitworth Peak left and Finlayson Peak right.
The right picture is of Paleface Creek where is drains into Chilliwack Lake.

Pictures below show the col between Webb and MacDonald and the scrambling side of Webb.
Good place to camp to scramble both mountain peaks.

I spent the night on the northwest ridge so I could get a good start to scramble Corriveau in the morning and make it back to the parking lot before dark.

Pano toward the south southwest.

The rock slide and ridge that has to be crossed coming up from the col.

Random shots during sunset.

Woke up during sunrise and it was amazing.
A bank of clouds had formed and I was just above them which made for a stupendous photo op.
I was just below MacDonald's summit block so I rushed up to the top of it to get a full 360 degree photo extravaganza.
I just had to match the pictures as the sun came up for different lighting effects from the sun.

Cheam Range

Williams & Northgraves


Silvertip Range

Spickard Group

Mox, Redoubt and Nodoubt.

Pano and picture south.





Male ptarmigan changing to summer feathers.

Some pics well going home.

Another family of ptarmigan.

When I came down from the peak this second time I rebuilt the cairn route markers on the way back to the northwest ridge. I didn't bring the flagging tape with me so did not ribbon the route but the cairns are straight forward and the route is much easier than scrambling over the false summits and through gullies. The route circles the summit and approaches the it from the south. It goes below both gullies so you actually drop down a little ways before ascending again. It is a very easy route to take but not as much fun as scrambling straight up the ridge.

This is a great hike and scramble and if you can camp over night up there then you can scramble other options also and make it a awesome trip.