Mount MacFarlane

Mount MacFarlane is the mountain beside Lady Peak and is a bit of a climb to summit which is why hundreds of hikers will hike up to Cheam Peak and hardly any will climb up Mount Laughington which is a branch off the very same trail.
To get to it is the same way to get to Cheam Peak Trail. So with a high clearance vehicle or 4X4 follow the Chilliwack River Road and eventually turn left off it just after the Ford Mountain Correctional Institute onto Foley Creek FSR and left again onto Chipmunk Creek FSR and stay right on it where it meets the Bench Road and continue up the Chipmunk Creek Valley to the Cheam Peak Trail parking lot.

Panorama of Cheam left and Lady right before the parking lot which is on the other side of the swath of trees ahead.
Dave and I taking pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.

Starting out from the parking lot.
To ascend Lady take the left side in the right picture below.

Looking across the small valley at the ridge on the other side and our route up from the main trail.

Having a bit of a rest and great photo op of the Fraser River and Harrison Lake.

Good picture of the Cheam trail as it zig-zags up toward the peak.

Can you find the Ptarmigans in the pictures below.

Panorama close up of Cheam, Fraser Valley, Harrison Lake and Bear Mountain in front of the lake.
The second panarama shows Cheam and it's ridge that goes left to Mount Archibald with the narrow swath of trees where the parking lot is. There is more road past the parking lot which gated off and is now part of the Cheam trail.

Pictures showing our progress as we hike up the mountain.

Along the way going up.

More great views well ascending.

Set of pictures along the way to the peak.

Picture and panorama of the mountains, rivers, lakes and the majestic Fraser Valley.

Posing beside the summit cairn.

Panning from the west to the north west from Mount MacFarlane.

Some close ups of the views in the pictures above.

This is a great scramble and as I said not done to often so when the Cheam Trail is over loaded with hikers this is a great alternative.
Dave and I did Lady and then Cheam and took the Cheam Ridge Trail back to the parking lot and that was truly a stupendous hike, well worth the trip.