Mount MacFarlane

To get to Mount MacFarlane from Highway 1, take the "119 Sardis" exit, and go through Sardis toward Cultus Lake and turn left at the turn about before the Chilliwack River bridge going onto Chilliwack River Road, and drive about 22 km (14 miles) going past the Slesse Creek Bridge and up the hill to continue past the Canadian Force Base rifle range and soon you will see the parking area on the right just off the Chilliwack River Road.
Not sure if the sign is still up and it used to be called Pierce Lake Trail.
If it is named that or Pierce Peak or Mount MacFarlane the trail gives access to them all.
From the parking area walk a short distance, approximately 230 meters through an experimental forest to the old parking area where you will find the trailhead located behind the large log to the right off the clearing.
The old parking lot was to hidden and susceptible to car break-ins.

The trail starts out gradual and soon gets much steeper continuing to steep switchbacks and then a long slog at a fairly steep pitch.
Troy and I got going on one of the latest starts for a hike that I have had from as far back as I can remember. I wasn't to comfortible with this kind of start.
The lengh of the trail made hiking in the hottest part of the day up the mountain with a overnight pack such as it was exhausting and slow going.
But what the heck we had all night and there were some good views on the way well spot resting.

Some valley shots.

Some subpeaks and ridge shots.

Along the trail.

The creek crossing was sometimes tricky to cross especially in the early spring.
Now there is a bridge.

Pictures by the lake:
Left picture is Baby Munday and right is Mount Pierce.

Lower Pierce Lake.

I was worried about the snow we might meet up with since Troy had no crampons and snow axe.
We met some other hikers along the way who were on their way back who told us it would be better to camp at the lower lake since the upper was still frozen.
We got to Lower Pierce Lake fairly early. We were also told there was a platform by the upper lake that was snow free so we decided to try for it before dark wanting to be as close as possible to MacFarlane in the morning.

Pictures well going around the lake on it's east side.

As we passed the open side hill patch along the lake we got our first good view of MacFarlane.

Pictures past the lake.

Approaching the water fall.

Pictures showing our progress.

There used to be ropes to help ascend by the water fall but not sure if they are still there.
When we came back there was a much easier route on the east side of the water fall.
Access it by going left up the hill before the water fall, there is a trail there.

Some interesting snow holes at the base of the falls.

Climbing up along the water fall.

When coming back down the easier route is farther right of the water fall and passes by this ledge.
Coming up this is a faint trail going up the bank left before the water fall.

Almost to Upper Pierce Lake.

At the frozen lake and the pad we spent the night on.
We decided to sleep under the stars and crashed right away.

More mountain pics on the way up.

It was a very chilly night and I seen lots of stars since I was awake for most of it.
I brought a very flimsy sleeping bag that was for my kids when they were young for summer camping. It was to short and I am sure I shivered off a few pounds.
I could have set up the tent but I don't think it would have stopped the cold and besides shaking off a few pounds is much needed on this old torso.
The night sky was very light which was surprising since the moon just came up and hung between the crotch of two subpeaks to the south and was gone a half hour later.

In the morning shaking uncontrollably I got up and headed for the nearest morning sun exposed place I could find and stumbled upon the Pierce Peak acsent trail.
Above a small frozen pond or tarn bathed in the warm sun light at the foot of the approach to Pierce Peak.

Soon we started for the summit and instead of going up the correct route which is straight up the ridge we went left of that and followed the edge of the snow pack instead.
We soon realized we were doing it wrong and managed to get on the ridge.
Looking back down we could see our sleeping bags and packs on the pad and Lower Pierce Lake much farther below.

South View:

Crossover Peak

Mount Parkes low in front of Slesse

Slesse Mountain

South West View:

Mount Shuksan (US)

The Pleiades (US)

Mount Larrabee (US)

American Border Peak (US)

Canadian Border Peak

West View:
Pano of this set with Borden Peak (Unofficial) left and above the vast logging cut in the foreground.

Church Mountain Group (US)

Liumchen Mountain

Mount McGuire

North West View:

Elk Mountain/Mount Thurston

Mount Mercer

Mount Archibald

Northern View:

Mount Cheam or Cheam Peak

Lady Peak (Dog Face)

Knight Peak

Baby Munday Peak

The Still

Welch Peak

Foley Peak

North East View:

Mount Pierce

Goetz Peak and Mount Northgraves behind.

Williams Peak and Goat/Porcupine Peak right back.

East View:
Silvertip Range left to right
Mount Payne, Sumallo Peak, Mount Rideout and Silvertip Mountain

Dissillusion subpeak, behind is Webb, and behind left center in Thompson Peak.

North Illusion behind is MacDonald

South East View:
South Illusion is left, then North & South Nesakwatch Spires, farthest back right is Rexford.

Redoubt in the distance and might be Nodoubt in front.

Middle Peak

One last pano with Mount Laughington which is the low mountain in front of the Slesse Range.

Posing beside the summit cairn.

Lower Pierce Lake and it's pond left and frozen Upper Pierce Lake right.

Starting the long trip down.

Some close ups of the views in the pictures above.

This is a great hike and scramble and I can't wait to come back to see Upper Pierce Lake free of ice and summit Mount Pierce.