Vedder Mountain

Thought I would hike the less hiked trails and started with this one. I was very pleasently surprised. This is a splendid trail that rolls along through second and third growth timber that has been perfectly thinned out with no underbrush and a mossy carpet with enough shade to stay cool even on the hottest days. This is a perfect trail for running on which I would have heartly done when I was younger. The trail has nice gentle dips with only a couple of steep spots.

When going to Cultus Lake turn right on Parmenter Road.

There is a gravel pit on the right. Watch out for gravel trucks.

The road has changed since these pictures were taken.

The signes and trail head has changed also.

The parking lot is at the bottom of a hill that quaders and bikers use, go up the hill and then left where a small path leads to a piece of old road.
Follow this old road a short ways and the actual trail head starts with wire blocking motorized rec vehicles.

The trail.

Since I first went there some years ago logging was done close to the trail mostly left of the trail and just out of sight to the right side of the trail a new logging road was made.

This used to be a great resting spot but may have rotted away by now.

The trail passes by some ponds.

Most of the time these ponds have very clear water.

Along the way going up.

As usual my exploring cost me alott of spent energy and a big delay.
This trail went straight down the north side of the mountain, and I mean straight DOWN!!
Within a short time I was a third to half way down the mountain heading to Vedder Township when I came upon a Motor Bike Trail.

Looking East along the Motor Bike trail. Came down the trail on the right.

I promptly turned around and went west down hill on the Motor Bike trail and soon I came to another split. It joined a Quad trail.

I just barely started down the Quad trail and spotted a Dirt bike trail to the left.
This time I took the trail to the left or as the sign said, Ridge Trail.

From here it was about 10 minutes to the Summit.

If you watch as you summit you will see a vague trail going to the right, just north of the summit and it goes to this nice shaded glen complete with chairs to rest the weary muscles.

On the summit.

Steam coming off the mossy rock bluff.

Continued west along the ridge and found a flagged trail going down in that direction. It was still early so I followed it down almost to the Valley between the next bump.

Took this picture of the western bump on the way back up.

View of the ridge the trail follows.

From left is Internation Ridge, Amadis, unnamed peak and then Isar in the clouds.
Click on to enlarge.

Starting from left. International Ridge, Amadis, No name in between peak, Isar in the clouds. The lower bump or subpeak on the right side of Isar is where the Black Mountain Trail ends from Columbia Valley.
Far right is Black Mountain in the US.

Looking from south south east to south south west from the peak.

Black Mountain trail starts from the bottom above the lime green and brown area right in the picture and goes right at an angle to the ridge anf then goes left along the top of the ridge to the first small bump right of Isar.
It does not go to Black Mountain which is to the right but instead gives a view of Black Mountain and Bald Mountain center back.

Past the vague trail I mentioned above going toward the west, just north of the summit the nice shaded glen ends to a open view of the Fraser Valley.

Panning from the west to the north west from Mount Vedder.

This set of pictures are from the north west to the north east from the peak.

Panning from the west, north and east.

Some close ups of the views in the pictures above.

Scanning the whole visible Fraser Valley from atop of Vedder Mountain from west to east.

This trail proves that there is room for all. The bikers and quaders I met were very curtious and polite and were careful and slowed right down when they saw me. Even though the start of the trail is shared by all, it is not as beat up as what I have seen in other places. There is some lose rock but for the most part the walking was good through this shared area. I had poor directions to the trail head and may not have even found it if not for the knowlege and help I got from the bikers and quaders I talked to.
I am not trying to side with the bikers and quaders but I was seriously shocked in this area. It seems at least here everyone is more conscientious of giving their sport a good rep. It was a very enjoyable hike.