Mount Webb

Mount Webb is located right on the Canada/US border mostly south and just east of Cultus Lake.
To get there turn off Highway One and go south through Sardis and over the Vedder Bridge to Cultus Lake.
Then stay on the road that goes all the way back to the other end of the lake on the east side.
Next go left up a hill into Columbia Valley and follow it around where is looks like you have circled and heading back.
Watch for a Boy Scout Camp sign, and shortly after that a dirt road right off the paved road.
This is a old FSR road and is between privately owned property.
Go as far up the hill as you can depending what kind of vehicle you are driving and park because this is where you start hiking. There are a couple of barriers to go around blocking the road but keep going up this old FSR and it will climb up the side of Mount Webb high above Columbia Valley. The map below shows a yellow road going to the yellow and red ribbon where the old road turns into a trail high up the mountain. Also at the end of the dotted red line it is mostly route finding because the trail get sketchy at best in most places getting to the Mount Webb summit.

Deer on the road.

Morning mist coming off Chilliwack Lake and broken Robin egg on the road.

The old FSR with some Fungi and Shaggy Mane mushrooms.

Up on the trail and a view of the border cut line.

Some one had a camp hear before and left some pots and pans hanging in the tree.

He also had a shovel to help kill the camp fire when he was finished with it.
I took several GPS readings and pictures but only three were readable and I was not sure where they were taken but I think this one belongs at this place.

First look at Black Mountain in Washington State.

At first I did not recognize anything that I was when the clouds finally dissipated.

From the end of the trail I tried to continue to Isar's summit but instead came out in the logging cut block.
I did not realize at the time because the clouds were low and it was slightly raining that the cut block came right to the border.

I followed along the edge of the cut block heading to a high tree covered hill which I knew now was Isar's summit and then went into the trees.

There were very old blazes on some of the trees and after taking a GPS reading I followed the blazes.

Then I was on the summit but the GPS readings showing in this picture are not high enough so I think I actually took this reading before I got there.

I tried to find some views from the summit and found only a couple of places to see views.

Then I went down the hill toward the border to look for some photo opportunities there and found a border marker monument. The border cutline could be clearly seen from it. I remember taking a GPS reading there but the GPS was inaccurate and did not show exactly 49 degrees parallel and was slightly off. Perhaps the previous picture of the GPS was done at the monument and not at the summit.

Pictures from the logging road.

Since I could not continue along the cut line because it turned into a rock buff and was to steep to go down and come up again I decided to head to the logging slash and get on the logging road and take some pictures from it.

Unfortunately this road was not going where I hoped it would.

Panoramas showing more of the logging roads and valley for better route finding next time.

On the border showing the cut line going up Liumchen Mountain to it's summit.