Skagit Valley

Skagit Valley is the mountain in between Lindeman Lake to it's West, Flora Lake on it's East side, Greendrop Lake North of it's peak and Chilliwack Lake at it's southern end.
To get there go to Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada and then toward Cultus Lake through Sardis and turn left heading East into the Chilliwack River Valley from the Vedder Bridge.
It's about a 30 to 45 minute drive along the Chilliwack River Road almost to the end of the pavement where the Chilliwack Lake Campground is but just before getting to the Campground and end of the paved road there is a parking lot on the left or north side of the road.
This is the parking lot at Post Creek and trail heads for Lindeman, Greendrop and Flora Lakes.
Park in this parking lot and start down the trail to Lindeman Lake and soon there is a old road or very wide trail branching to the right, follow it and there is another fork and this time go left and it quickly changes to a trail.
This is the start of the Flora Lake Trail and the way to Mount Paleface.

Picture where the paved road ends past the parking lot and where the gate to the Chilliwack Campground is to the right of this picture.

Views of Chilliwack Lake well hiking up the Flora Lake Trail.

More views of Chilliwack Lake.

Eventually the trail reaches a high viewing area and starts to cross along the side of the mountain instead of continuing to climb up it.
This is where you leave the trail and hike straight up hill following the ridge incline and where the views really start to open up with good views of the valley and Chilliwack Campground at the head of Chilliwack Lake.

Looks like a ptarmigan,

View down the Winter avalanche shoot where the Flora Lake Trail crosses below.

View at the ridge and mountains along the East side of Chilliwack Lake and what lies ahead toward the summit.

Panos toward the north from the peak.

Views from the ridge crest getting closer to the summit.

Looking down at Flora Creek Valley where the trail goes toward Greendrop and Lindeman Lakes and view of the mountains on the South side of Chilliwack River Valley.

Looking easterly.

One of Skagit Valley's ridges and parts of Greendrop Lake can be seen in the distance.

The Chilliwack Valley and mountains on it's South and North sides.

Pictures from the NW to the NE well on Skagit Valley.

Views to the West.

The gap near the peak.

Panos of the Valley and mountains seen well hiking up.

Looking across the gap from each side and a short walk to the peak ahead.

View of the Gargoyles from the other side.

Views toward the SE.