Taggart Peak

Known As, Taggart Peak Trail, And The Glenn Ryder Trail (Builder)
About Glenn Ryder: Documents (1), (2), (3)
(The First Part Of This Trail As Far As The Lookout Is Better Known As The Abbotsford Grind)

The two approaches to the trail from the Freeway or Highway No.1 are from the East and West.
Coming from the East, exit the Freeway onto the No.3 Road ramp and stay right going Northerly away from the Freeway and turn at the next sharp left onto North Parallel Road and follow along that side of the Freeway going West.
Eventually you will see No.4 Road on your right and turn right on it and soon it comes to McDermott Road and then turn right there also.
Go straight ahead on McDermott Road over the bridge and it becomes Lakemount Road. Stay on this road and it will pass by the Gun Club and then there will be a parking area on the left so park there.
The trail starts up the hill on the right side of the parking area.

Coming from the West turn off the Freeway onto Whatcom Road and go Northerly toward Fantasy Fun Park but instead of turning left turn right onto North Parallel Road and keep going East past Tim Horton's.
Follow along the side of the highway until North Parallel Road starts winding and then it will turn right and go over a bridge.
Eventually it will come to McDermott Road on the left so turn left on it and follow it to where it goes over another bridge and becomes Lakemount Road and go past the Gun Club to the parking area, the trail starts up the mountain on the East side of the parking area.

At the parking lot and the trail starting up the mountain.

Karl on the trail and a look at the parking area and the fence where the Gun Club ends.

On the Glen Ryder/Taggart Peak Trail.

View on the steep part of the trail before the LookOut.

I am above and at the LookOut.

Hedda at the LookOut.

Views from the LookOut.

Golden Eagle above.

Karl at the LookOut in the clouds.

Views through the clouds.

Leaving the LookOut and going to Taggart Peak.

Passing the pond on the way to the peak.

A view of Taggart Peak just before passing the second pond.

There is this short part of old road to walk on the way to the peak.

Off the road and back into the trees the trail continues not far to Taggart Peak from here.

On Taggart Peak and the radio towers during Winter and Summer.

Looking toward Sumas Mountain summit and the gated road that leads to Taggart Road.

Going down the road as it passes by some dirt bike trails.

Where the old road meets the main Taggart Road.

Views from Taggart Peak.

Posing for pictures on the peak.